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Have yourself a human translator!

Recently a client asked me to edit a previously supplied translation. After a short email exchange, it became clear that Google Translate had produced the translation submitted for proofreading. No human translator had been engaged. I am a professional translator who... Read More

Dear Spammer,

I know you spammers have to make a living somehow, but does that have to involve me? We have a contact form on our website. The form tries to keep spammers out as much as possible. Yet still they come. No matter what trick we use to keep you lot out, you keep finding... Read More

Editing and proofreading translations

We all think we know what proofreading is For first-class quality control, when someone writes an article, a proofreader goes through the document. Proofreaders make sure the text is free from typing errors and grammatical mistakes. They should also check that there... Read More

Google Mum revisited

It’s a numbers game with Google.mum I have ranted before about Google not being willing to spit out search results for terms like “Iolante”, on the basis that it considers the spelling incorrect. (See my earlier blog post on... Read More

Dealing with spam and how to avoid it

Receiving spam is one of the most annoying side effects of having an email address The best way to deal with spam is to avoid getting spam in the first place. That is not always an easy or obvious task. However, if you receive spam, the first question you need to ask... Read More

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