Dear Spammer,

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Translators' Column

I know you spammers have to make a living somehow, but does that have to involve me?

We have a contact form on our website. The form tries to keep spammers out as much as possible. Yet still they come.

No matter what trick we use to keep you lot out, you keep finding a way past our defences.

Yesterday I got a deluge of mails offering me “The best deal of 2016”, not once or twice but half a dozen times or more. I lost count. Apparently (and appearances can deceive) the formidable “Margaret” sent each of these “enticing” offers. Each time using a different email address as sender.

Today I got swamped with “Sexy Russian Girls”, at least half a dozen times, different email addresses.

A lot of SEO providers also seem to go down the unsolicited mail route. Fortunately, they tend to restrict themselves to one or two mails.

The absolutely worst spammer among you is someone who sends loads of random links via lots of different email addresses with completely random reference lines. I have never clicked on any of these links, I never will and doubt that many people do. What is the point?

I’d like you spammers to know one thing: if you think I’ll suddenly be interested in your “best deal” or “sexy girls” just because you tell me six times, you are completely wrong!

This sort of waste of time totally gets my back up. So I have you know that I will take even more action than before to try to keep you out.

A quick search on the Internet reveals that there are tools to report spammers. For Outlook search for Microsoft Outlook Spam Reporting Tool. – You’ll have to be patient as the link loads very slowly, but the tool is worth the wait. –

There are different tools for different email programmes. Yet, these tools exist.

I have now installed one of them on my computer and will report all you time wasters that come my way!

No doubt you’ll find a way around that soon, too. Still, I can but try.

Meanwhile, all I can say to you is: Get a life!

An exasperated spam recipient.

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