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Here, I provide information for clients requiring English German certified translations. Contact me. to discuss your specific requirements.

What is Certified Document Translation?

Certified translation services are essential for a variety of official documents, including birth certificates, school leavers’ certificates, criminal record checks, marriage or divorce papers, bank statements, and payslips. The need for certification depends on the requesting agency and the country’s specific rules for document certification. Entities like state authorities, universities, and registration offices often require certified translations, and sometimes, employers request them too.

More information for clients, both business and private, on certified translations can be found here.

Certification rules may vary a lot between countries.  Here, I have provided country specific information for the UK, Germany and Austria.

Please note that I have based my information on data available to me at the time of writing. All information given is for general information only (please read my legal notices). Certification requirements vary from case to case and country to country. It is the client’s responsibility to check with government agencies and departments, employers or any other parties involved which specific certification requirements apply to their documents.

German documents to be certified

Understanding Certification Terminology:

Customers often seek clarity on terms like “certified translation,” “notarized translation,” “sworn translation,” and “apostille.” This information for clients seeks to define them.

  • Certified Translation: It refers to translations accompanied by a certificate of accuracy from the translator.
  • Notarized Translation: A notary public validates the translator’s identity and verifies their signature on the certificate of accuracy attached to the translated document.
  • Sworn Translation: In civil law countries like Germany or Austria, translators become “publicly appointed and sworn translators” connected to a specific court or local authority.
  • Apostille: Government agencies provide an apostille, certifying the authenticity of official documents for use in foreign countries.
  • Find out more on “certifying a document” on gov.uk, the British government’s website.


The Purpose of certified translation:

A certificate of accuracy provided by a qualified translator affirms the accuracy of the translation, stating the translator’s credentials and qualifications. However, it does not guarantee the authenticity of the original document. For that, clients may need to obtain an apostille. Nor does the certification guarantee the quality of a translation. Rather, it proves that a qualified translator has translated the document.

Types of Documents Requiring Certification:

Various situations necessitate certified document translation services, such as:

  • Job applications,
  • College/university applications,
  • Immigration/emigration documents,
  • Marriage-related certificates,
  • Setting up a new company, and
  • Patent-related documentation.

Please note that certification rules vary between countries. I have provided a guide to regulations for the UK, Germany, and Austria on our website. However, clients are responsible for verifying specific certification requirements with relevant government agencies, employers, or other involved parties.

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