Virtual bilingual business support services

I offer a wide variety of virtual bilingual business support services for clients based in the UK and beyond.

Businesses may need remote support in different situations, for different purposes and for a variety of target groups. However, not only SMEs need help in other languages. I also offer my services to traders on eBay or Amazon or private individuals who own property in a foreign country or are getting married to a foreign national or abroad.

I can provide a number of remote bilingual business support services to suit individual needs. My services as a virtual bilingual PA are reliable and highly efficient because I am an extremely experienced linguist and fluent in German, my mother tongue, as well as English, my language of habitual use. But remember, first and foremost, I am a translator, so this is likely to be a project, part-time or ad-hoc commitment.

Business to Customer Support (B2C) services

I can support you in two or more languages when dealing with customer enquiries or complaints.

I can speak to customers in their mother tongue, thus immediately taking out one obstacle to a mutually agreeable solution. Speaking the customer’s own language avoids misunderstandings, shows that their enquiry/complaint is taken seriously and defuses potentially conflict-laden situations. It also helps if the person communicating with the client is obviously not a company employee. Also, when a client sees that the company has made an effort to employ a translator to talk in their own language, clients are more likely to be cooperative to achieve a solution.

Bilingual administrative support for businesses

I can also help you in your dealings with government agencies, courts, solicitors, estate agents and more. Often I do this by contacting the agency in question and getting to the root of the issue in the target language.

I offer bilingual support on an ad hoc basis, on a regular or irregular, short or long-term basis. I am happy to help you with one-off projects or general administrative tasks, small or large. Whether you wish to maintain existing customer relations or create new ones, a bilingual translator/interpreter can help you achieve your goals.

Supporting your marketing projects

I can translate a presentation or speech intended for foreign delegates or a customer abroad. I can ensure that the words used are easily pronounceable and coach the speaker in the pronunciation of words he or she may not be familiar with.

General cultural advice for your German-speaking target country (or the UK) is a service I can provide. If you need more detailed cultural knowledge than I have at my fingertips, I can always research it in the language of the target country.

Bilingual troubleshooting

What I really like to do is help you troubleshoot problems which involve German.

Do you have a situation on your hand involving German? Ask me to help you sort it out! This can be particularly important if you are involved in import and export to the EU and are caught up in post-Brexit difficulties.

Immediate oral translation

Send me the appropriate web link or a copy of the German language document whose content you need to understand. Let me know which information is most important to you (e.g. which fields in a form are required fields, is there a deadline by which a form has to be returned etc.). After analyzing the text, I will instantly give you an English summary of its content over the phone. Armed with this information you can then decide whether you require a full written German into English translation or whether this low-cost option of an oral summary is sufficient for your needs. Why pay more than necessary?

Written summary in the target language

If you prefer having things in writing, I can also produce a translated written summary of any German language document whose content you don’t need to know in detail but would prefer to have a record of. I am there to make your life easier without costing the earth.

Bilingual support for private clients

I regularly help private individuals who need to sort out issues with authorities, banks or other contacts outside the UK. Additionally, I can assist with weddings abroad or those within the UK which involve German language speakers. Being able to address both sides of the family in their mother tongue will help to ensure that your international wedding becomes an inclusive event, enjoyable for all.

Another area for which private individuals often need bilingual support is property management. They may be in the process of buying or selling a house or flat abroad. Or they may need help with administrating/managing a property in a foreign country, be it in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Bilingual business support services in detail

Administrative assistance in two languages

  • Liaising with estate agents, solicitors, banks and building societies, government authorities and departments
  • Taking part in video conferencing sessions via Skype or Zoom
  • I offer online research and data mining in the target language
  • Researching keywords or competitors in the language your target clients/competitors speak
  • Proofreading or editing documents before or after translation
  • Assessing prospective employees’ use of the target language by interviewing them
  • Dealing with German language customer enquiries
  • Provide transcription and précis services

Marketing support services

  • Offering virtual assistance before and after a marketing event by translating a speech/presentation, choosing specific words that are pronounceable considering the level of proficiency by the speaker/presenter, giving advice on possible cultural implications. Coaching the speaker/presenter in the pronunciation of the relevant terms
  • Providing cultural awareness training/advice for marketing projects

Establishing a connection with new customers

If people contact you in German, do you reply in English or in their own language?

How would you feel if you tried to communicate with a foreign company in English, yet they reply in German? People like to feel valued. Replying to potential clients in their own mother tongue – even if you only do this in the initial mail – will create a positive impression about your company even without that excellent product you’re selling.

And it won’t cost the earth.

Liaising with customers and troubleshooting

There is a German-speaking client on the phone who has a complaint, but finds it difficult to express the query in English?

Let me telephone the client on your behalf and find out exactly what the problem is and, possibly, how it could be rectified. A telephone call between people who speak the same language can often get to the bottom of queries much quicker and more efficiently than the most carefully devised and translated letter. And, once again: the German-speaking customer will appreciate your thoughtfulness in trying to solve their problem.

Involving an impartial intermediary also takes the edge off the dialogue. What is more, it is less time‑consuming and therefore more cost-effective than embarking into lengthy written discussions.

Standing in for an employee who is on sick leave or holiday

Your only German-speaking employee has just left, is sick or on holiday. You need temporary help? Call me to fill the gap! I am happy to assist you per telephone or email.

English-German business conference calls

You have a potential German-speaking business partner abroad who does not speak your English, and you need to negotiate a deal or solve a problem with them. This will be so much easier to achieve during a conference call with my reliable and knowledgeable support. As a language professional, I will make sure that both of you get your points across and there are no misunderstandings, so that an agreeable solution can be found.

Get all the English-German language support you need from an experienced translator. I can:

  • Contact the relevant party by telephone to sort out a problem immediately, instead of translating lengthy documents
  • Find out the nature of a customer complaint by talking to them on the phone
  • Solve problems arising with respect to employment legislation for your contractors abroad in the target language
  • Find the correct contact in a government department, company or organisation.

Bilingual support services for private clients

I translate wedding invitations, speeches, menus, orders of service or anything else needed for a successful bilingual wedding. Coach the speaker in the pronunciation of the wedding speech. I can help with any formalities arising ahead of your event, whether this involves contacting a register office to sort out a query or liaising with a venue.

Furthermore, I assist with property administration. For example, by liaising with estate agents, banks and building societies, solicitors, government departments and authorities when buying, selling or managing property abroad. I can also translate bills or building specifications…

Accurate, confidential, efficient and reliable English-German translations

Professionally qualified German translator into English and English into German, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients.

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