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Imports and Exports

Once the transition period is over, imports and exports from and to EU-countries will become more complicated for the UK. If, as is muted, Britain leaves the EU without a trade deal, imports and exports to all EEA-countries and all other countries in the world will also be affected by this.

At the time of writing, we do not yet know what tariff regime British companies will be facing, or what kind of trade restrictions there will be for companies dealing with imports and exports.

Where to find information

For anyone wanting to plan ahead to make sure that their imports and exports to Germany, Austria and Switzerland run as smoothly as possible, there are several helpful EU-sites providing information on imports and exports to Europe.

Information on exporting into the EU can be found on this European Commission page.

Tariffs on imports and exports into the EU are explained here.

Detailed information on exporting into the EU is found at the European Commission Trade Helpdesk.

The British Government constantly updates its information page on the transition period, which also includes imports and exports.

How Iolante can help

If you are new to red tape surround import and export, Iolante can assist you with English and German translations of documents concerning:

Summarized translations and email and phone support

If you are drowning in paperwork and don’t know which of it applies to your business, contact me for a quick summary and general information on your foreign-language documents. That way, you can make a more targeted decisions on which ones to have fully translated.

Sometimes it’s easier to sort out queries or problems with a quick email or phone call. If your import export problem is turning your hair grey overnight, contact me and I’ll help you to sort out your questions quickly and directly with the other party.

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