Translating contracts and agreements

Professional Translation of Contracts and Agreements

Businesses and individuals often require expert translation services for legal and commercial contracts and agreements. This need is particularly significant when dealing with documents intended for business and commerce in Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland. My translation services cover a wide range of documents including:

  • Employee references
  • Work contracts
  • Employee contracts and agreements
  • Product or service supply agreements
  • Intercompany agreements
  • Documents for compliance with foreign legal requirements
  • Service contracts
  • Supply agreements
  • IT consultancy, SAP, and commercial consultancy contracts
  • Solicitor agreements
  • Contracts with financial institutions
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Data Protection information
  • Commercial registration documents
  • Liability insurance confirmation
  • Loan confirmation
  • Property sales contracts
  • Articles of association

With extensive experience in translating diverse contracts and agreements from English to German, I specialise in ensuring that every clause and detail is clearly understood by businesses. I provide dedicated assistance to help businesses convey their intended content accurately.

Rather than waiting for disputes to arise, companies can proactively benefit from our swift and efficient German to English translation services. This guarantees access to crucial information promptly.

My clientele includes a diverse range of commercial entities, solicitors, and private individuals. I excel in translating legal documents between English and German, catering to various sectors and industries.

Contracts and Agreements Translations for Commercial Clients:

I serve small businesses operating in commerce and industry, solicitors, and the public sector. My translation expertise spans a variety of legal texts, with proficiency in translating documents such as:

  • Letters of intent
  • Legal agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Insurance policies
  • Taxation documents
  • Employment legislation
  • Athletes’ international transfer agreements


Other legal/official documents related to business and commers in both English and German

The demand for German to English translations of legal documents by businesses stems from reasons such as international employee placements, global sales of goods or services, and post-Brexit trading considerations. Visit the official UK government website for comprehensive advice on trading with the EU in light of Brexit.

I specialize in translating documents like:

  • Notices of fines in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland
  • Foreign VAT registration documents
  • Documents related to employment matters abroad
  • Licenses or permits for international operations
  • Legal requirements for cross-border sales
  • Insurance documents for accident claims

For Private Clients:

Private individuals have unique translation needs for contracts and agreements. Whether purchasing property in a German-speaking country, seeking property management services, making insurance claims, or relocating to the UK, we cater to a range of translation requirements, including:

  • Conveyancing and property purchase
  • Insurance claims
  • Residence status matters
  • Employment status documentation
  • Tax-related documents
  • Bank statements
  • Payslips
  • References

Contact me for comprehensive translation services tailored to your specific needs. We ensure accurate and efficient communication across languages, making your documentation seamless and easily understandable.

Erika has done a fantastic job translating official documents for me. I needed quite urgent translation and she was unbelievable responsive and had a solution for any problem. Thanks again!

June 2022

Sonia M

What My Clients Say

Janice Lewis
Janice Lewis
21 March 2024
Erika has been a godsend, translated German divorce papers within a day of first contact. Professional, efficient and friendly throughout the whole process and all at a very fair price.
Sai Yash Krishnan
Sai Yash Krishnan
2 February 2024
Hands down the best translator one can find in the world of translators! All of my requests were addressed in a matter of hours. 100% recommend Erika for any of your translation needs!
Randy Pandy
Randy Pandy
1 February 2024
Great communication, quick and reliable, fair price. Would use her service again without hesitation
Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt
18 January 2024
As a barrister I am very used to using translators. Erika is the bee's knees of translators and outstanding at what she does. I would thoroughly recommend her for anyone. She also understands the nuances of language and goes above and beyond in her work. She is totally brilliant!
12 June 2023
Absolutely fantastic service from Erika. Certified translations done in professional manner and agreed timescale adhered to. Also great communication and immediate posting of the documents. Highly recommended. A+++
Christoph Hoerl
Christoph Hoerl
3 October 2022
Erika responded extremely quickly and did the work to a very professional standard within a day (and at a reasonable price)
Ibi K
Ibi K
18 September 2022
Very well organised, very fast at responding, very reasonably priced. Erika translated some financial documents for me, she was completely transparent in how the process works and the translation was completely on point
Lele F
Lele F
22 June 2022
Erika is very responsive and provided a great service. Not only did she translate my documents within a day, but she also gave me advise and was very friendly. I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Sonja M.
Sonja M.
1 May 2022
Erika has done a fantastic job translating official documents for me. I needed quite urgent translation and she was unbelievable responsive and had a solution for any problem. Thanks again!
rooh khaliq
rooh khaliq
5 September 2021
Erika Baker is very professional and responsive. She dealt with my request immediately and efficiently. She responded to my emails and she even goes the extra mile to give you advice. R.Khalique

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Professionally qualified German translator into English and English into German, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients.

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