English-German Translations, UK

Translating contracts and agreements

Businesses and private individuals alike may at times require the professional translation of legal and commercial contracts and agreements. Documents that therefore may need to be translated for use in business and commerce in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland include:

  • Employee references
  • Work contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Product or service supply agreements
  • Agreements between companies
  • Documents to satisfy foreign agencies that their legal requirements are being met

I am experienced in translating general contracts and agreements of vastly differing origins from English into German. I am therefore able to facilitate businesses’ complete understanding of every single clause and detail as well as assisting business clients in getting across their intended provisions.

Often companies only seek a translator of contracts and agreements when a dispute arises. In such situations, using my fast and efficient German into English translation services, you can make sure that you have the information you need at your disposal as soon as possible.

I regularly work with commercial companies, solicitors and private individuals, translating legal documents from English into German and from German into English.

Commercial clients

My clients include small businesses, working in commerce and industry, solicitors and the public sector. I regularly translate a wide range of legal texts for these customers. While I am a native German speaker, I have lived in the UK since the mid-1980s. Because I am qualified to translate into German and into English, I can take on all your translation requirements for texts such as

  • Letters of intent
  • Legal agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Taxation
  • Employment legislation
  • Athletes international transfer agreements

Other English and German legal/official documents relevant to business and commerce

There are many reasons why businesses may need German into English translations of legal documents. They may, for example, have employees working abroad or sell goods or services outside of the UK. (Please also visit the official UK government website for advice on trading with the EU.)

Therefore, I frequently translate documents such as:

  • Notices of fines incurred in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Foreign VAT registration documents
  • Documents dealing with employment issues outside the UK
  • Licenses or permits issued or required abroad
  • Legal requirements for selling goods outside the UK
  • Insurance documents, e.g. when claiming after an accident

Private clients

Private individuals have a different range of translation needs for contracts and legal agreements. You may, for example, be purchasing a property in a German-speaking country. Or you may be looking for a property management company for your tenants. Alternatively, you could be involved in an insurance claim. Or you may be relocating to the UK and therefore require the translation of your personal documents into English. Contact me for all your translation requirements including:

  • Conveyancing and property purchase
  • Insurance claims
  • Residence status
  • Employment status
  • Tax affairs

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