English and German certified UK translations of official documents

Certified German to English Translations for Official Documents in the UK

Are you in need of certified translations for official documents? Particularly if you’ve lived abroad, you might need translations of birth, marriage, or divorce certificates from German to English. Notably, whether you’ve studied, worked, or resided in German-speaking countries like Austria, Switzerland, or Germany, you could possess qualifications and references in German that UK employers request in certified translations.

Moreover, if you are planning to relocate to another country, certified translations are often vital for both English and German documents. These translations must be done by a qualified translator who is a member of a reputable language institute, capable of ensuring accuracy in their work. Additionally, certified translations may also be essential for wills and documentation during probate proceedings.

For people moving to the UK, the official government website gov.uk offers comprehensive information on certified translations for various purposes. If you’re uncertain, feel free to contact immigration authorities, your local registrar, or other relevant authorities for guidance.

My Services:

I provide certified UK translations for a wide range of official documents, including:

What kind of certification is required?

In most cases, a certificate of accuracy from the translator should suffice. However, in certain cases, a solicitor might need to legalize the translation by witnessing the translator’s signature on the certification page. Occasionally, notarized translations may be required. If you need notarized translations, consider reaching out to Translayte, an agency affiliated with the Association of Translation Companies, offering services in various language combinations.

For UK customers, I specialize in certified translations of official documents from German to English.

Individuals moving to the UK can find reliable, detailed information on certified translations for different needs on the British government’s website gov.uk. If you’re still uncertain, you can contact immigration authorities, your local registrar, or relevant institutions for clarification.

Certified UK translations

My certified German to English translations are tailored to meet your specific requirements. I am a qualified and experienced translator, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Contact me directly to discuss your needs and receive a prompt, accurate quote via mail or telephone. My aim is to offer a dependable service with a personal touch.

Whether your translations are intended for the Home Office, ENIC (the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills), academic institutions, courts, consulates, or employers, my services cater to both businesses and individuals. You can trust in the quality and efficiency of my work, with quick turnaround times that don’t compromise precision. Get in touch for a quote.

Please note that I am unable to certify translations completed by third parties or other translators.

Certified Translations for International Weddings

Planning to get married abroad while residing in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria, or Switzerland? If you’re organizing a wedding in Austria but living in the UK, you may require translations of birth certificates, divorce papers, and more in English or German. Some registry offices provide helpful information about wedding preparations. Check specific resources like the General Registrar for Scotland’s website or the UK gov.uk website for relevant procedures.

Certificate of No Impediment:

You might also need a Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) when marrying abroad or if one party is a foreigner in the intended marriage country.

Furthermore, certain authorities in the UK and German-speaking countries may require notarized or sworn translations. In the UK, notarized English translations involve a notary public verifying the translator’s credentials and witnessing their signature on the certification page. Sworn translations are common in civil law systems like Germany and Austria, where appointed and sworn translators adhere to specific criteria.

Notarisation of a translated document’s certificate of accuracy

Some authorities in the UK and in German-speaking countries in Europe insist on a notarised or sworn translation. In the UK there are no “sworn translators”, in other words, translators sworn to a specific court and appointed by them as “officially recognised” translators. The only way to obtain a notarised English translation in the UK is for a translator to prepare the translation and a certificate of accuracy. On visiting a notary public, the notary will certify (witness) the translator’s signature on the certificate of accuracy after having checked his credentials and seen proof of their identity.

For further information on certification issues, please visit the Iolante pages on the certification process in the UKGermany and Austria specifically. A certified translation intended for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must contain information on the translator’s competence, accuracy of the translation, the translator’s name, signature, address and date of certification.

Sworn translations

The UK is a country governed by common law, and therefore the concept of “publicly sworn and appointed translators” does not apply. If you need a sworn translation your translator needs to translate the document in question and then see a notary public. The notary will check the translator’s passport and qualifications. After that, the translator swears an oath that they carried out the translation to the best of their ability and that it is a true and faithful rendering of the original. The notary witnesses this oath and certifies the translator’s signature on the certificate of accuracy.

However, while a sworn translation verifies the identity of the translator and their qualifications, it does not guarantee the quality of the translation.

Publicly appointed and sworn translators abroad

In contrast to the UK, countries like Germany and Austria with a civil law system have publicly appointed and sworn translators. Here, translators have to fulfil a number of criteria and can then be sworn in at the court of the district they are resident in. This then entitles them to supply certified translations in their registered language pairs to any German authority. Please visit my pages which deal with country-specific certification rules to find out which rules apply in the UKGermany and Austria.

Certified translations of excerpts

You may have a long document but only require the translation of parts of it. In a long insurance policy document, for example, you may only need a certified translation of the part that refers to your no claims bonus.
Or your bank statement may include an appendix containing the bank’s general Terms and Conditions.
Alternatively, an insurance document may contain a long extract of the relevant insurance law its T&Cs are based on.
In addition your transactions, your savings account statement may include a copy of its general performance trends for your savings institution.

It is possible to provide you with excerpt translations, but you should always check with the recipient of your translation first. Your translator is not in a position to tell you whether any particular translation of excerpts will be acceptable in your particular case.

The UK Certification Process:

  1. Selecting the Right Translator: When seeking certified translations in the UK, opt for translators affiliated with reputable organizations like the Chartered Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. These organizations ensure accurate and reliable language services.
  2. Determining Certification Type: The type of certification required depends on the authority requesting the translation. Self-certified translations can be done by translators associated with professional bodies.
  3. Certified Translations’ Origin: UK-certified, notarized, or sworn translations are acceptable to British and some foreign authorities. Verify with the respective authority or client whether a certified German translation from a UK-based translator is acceptable.

Obtaining a Quote:

  1. Provide Document Copy: For an accurate quote, share the document(s) needing translation. Usually, original documents aren’t necessary for translators in the UK.
  2. Understanding the Quote: Certified translations involve hidden aspects like complex formatting. Extra costs might include visits to solicitors and notaries.

Agreeing on Specifications:

  1. Setting a Deadline: Consider time for translation, certification, and posting. Notarized translations require time for visiting the notary.
  2. Certification Type: Specify whether you need a certified, notarized, or sworn translation.
  3. Additional Copies: Request extra copies of certified translations, as authorities may not return them. Secure additional copies within 5 years due to data protection rules.

Completing the Translation Process:

After translating your document(s), I’ll email them to you for review. Once approved and the invoice is settled, I’ll proceed with certification. While digital scans are increasingly accepted, physical copies remain legally binding.

Trusted Certified Translations:

The term “translator” isn’t regulated in the UK. To ensure reliable service, work with translators affiliated with professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Both institutes are listed by the Home Office as reputable bodies.

GMC has similar requirements.

The DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) is an interpreting qualification (with some translation elements).

In Summary:

When in need of certified German to English translations for official documents in the UK, choose a qualified and experienced translator like myself. I am dedicated to providing accurate and reliable services tailored to your needs. Contact me directly for a personalized quote and a dependable language solution.

“Erika has helped me greatly when I needed a certified translation of my employment contract at short notice. Erika’s professionalism and the quality of her translations are second to none. She is also a pleasure to communicate with, always responding swiftly and patiently answering all my questions. She was transparent about time scales and costs from the beginning and has really exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her translation services to anyone looking for a great service for a fair price.”


“I cannot thank you enough, you are an absolute star, many many thanks, wow that’s the first time I’ve smiled in a week. I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off me, thank you so very much, that is amazing thank you. I was expecting a very long drawn out process to get a certified copy from Amtsgericht Celle but you’ve made that a whole lot easier many thanks.”

Phil Martin needed a certified copy of a divorce certificate from the respective German county court.

Phil Martin - February 2015

“Erika was incredibly professional and a joy to work with. She completed my certified translations for the Home Office very quickly and communicated clearly throughout the process. I highly recommend her services.”

Jessica Lee

“I was very pleased with your translation service! The emails or messages have been answered almost instantly and the translation was received quickly as well. Very nice and helpful contact. I can definitely recommend your service to anyone! Thank you very much.”

Certified translation of birth certificate and police clearance certificate.

Nicole Ritchie

Very well organised, very fast at responding, very reasonably priced. Erika translated some financial documents for me, she was completely transparent in how the process works and the translation was completely on point. 

For certified translations of payslips and residence certificates

I Khan

Absolutely fantastic service from Erika. Certified translations done in professional manner and agreed timescale adhered to. Also great communication and immediate posting of the documents. Highly recommended. A+++


What My Clients Say

Janice Lewis
Janice Lewis
21 March 2024
Erika has been a godsend, translated German divorce papers within a day of first contact. Professional, efficient and friendly throughout the whole process and all at a very fair price.
Sai Yash Krishnan
Sai Yash Krishnan
2 February 2024
Hands down the best translator one can find in the world of translators! All of my requests were addressed in a matter of hours. 100% recommend Erika for any of your translation needs!
Randy Pandy
Randy Pandy
1 February 2024
Great communication, quick and reliable, fair price. Would use her service again without hesitation
Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt
18 January 2024
As a barrister I am very used to using translators. Erika is the bee's knees of translators and outstanding at what she does. I would thoroughly recommend her for anyone. She also understands the nuances of language and goes above and beyond in her work. She is totally brilliant!
12 June 2023
Absolutely fantastic service from Erika. Certified translations done in professional manner and agreed timescale adhered to. Also great communication and immediate posting of the documents. Highly recommended. A+++
Christoph Hoerl
Christoph Hoerl
3 October 2022
Erika responded extremely quickly and did the work to a very professional standard within a day (and at a reasonable price)
Ibi K
Ibi K
18 September 2022
Very well organised, very fast at responding, very reasonably priced. Erika translated some financial documents for me, she was completely transparent in how the process works and the translation was completely on point
Lele F
Lele F
22 June 2022
Erika is very responsive and provided a great service. Not only did she translate my documents within a day, but she also gave me advise and was very friendly. I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Sonja M.
Sonja M.
1 May 2022
Erika has done a fantastic job translating official documents for me. I needed quite urgent translation and she was unbelievable responsive and had a solution for any problem. Thanks again!
rooh khaliq
rooh khaliq
5 September 2021
Erika Baker is very professional and responsive. She dealt with my request immediately and efficiently. She responded to my emails and she even goes the extra mile to give you advice. R.Khalique

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