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Iolante is changing

Iolante is changing. The company no longer offers multiple language combinations but focuses only on English and German. However, as part of a network of translators, I will still be able to help you find colleagues for other languages.



Experienced German Translator

Do you work in a Small to Medium Size Company or are you a private individual looking for high-quality language services? Click the button below to find out more about me, Erika Baker, experienced English-German translator.


Certified UK Translation Services

Do you need German documents translated and certified for official purposes, such as applying for citizenship or a visa or getting married in the UK? Please read up on background information about anything you’d ever want to know about certified UK translation services and the process involved by clicking the button below.



Work in partnership with your English-German translator

At Iolante you work directly with me, Erika Baker, your professional freelance English into German translator. While German is my mother tongue I have lived in the UK since the 1980s and have over 25 years of translation experience. I am familiar with the culture and business practices of the UK as well as German-speaking countries in Europe. This makes me a true German into English language specialist.

Offering bilingual business support services

As a self-employed experienced language specialist, I know that reliabilityquality of work and customer service are what clients need. I therefore offer you a tailor-made translation service. On occasions, this may

mean that they will suggest alternatives to a “translations only” service. As part of my bilingual business support, I may suggest that I contact your German-speaking client to clarify a situation. I can carry out online research to find out about competitors. I can ring government offices, banks and insurance companies to locate the correct contact person for you.

These services are meant to improve communication with clients, government agencies, solicitors and other parties you may need to get in touch with. They are intended to cut down on the time needed to solve problems and as such will save you money. Simply ask your English-German translator!

I also offer a wide range of translation services to private individuals. For example, I help them with managing a holiday property abroad. I also provide them with bilingual documents for their international wedding, so that the event is enjoyable for all.

A language specialist you can hire with confidence

Because I am professionally qualified and have a long-term proven track record of working as a German translator into English and English into German, I offer first class translation services. In addition, I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

I specialise in commercial document translation and certified translations of official documents.

First class translation services

My English-German translations are accurateconfidential, efficient and reliable. I work for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients alike. My aim is to deliver first-rate services at fair prices. Please see my translation rates pages for detailed general information on translation prices and my profile page for further information.

Look behind the scenes of the translation industry

On the Iolante website clients can find free and detailed industry-related information. The information given is a result of hands-on long-term industry experience. This website thus makes the translation process more accessible to clients.

The website will also help people considering a career in translation in the decision-making process. Is this the correct career path for them? The careers guide gives interested individuals access to a lot of free, useful information on how to become a translator.

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