English-German translations for private clients

Forming good relationships with private clients

When providing English-German translation services to private clients, my primary focus is establishing a personal connection. Consequently, I firmly believe that fostering a strong relationship between clients and translators forms the foundation for effective communication. This, in turn, ensures a thorough understanding of clients’ requirements and leads to cost-effective English to German translation outcomes.

Professional Translation for Diverse Needs

Private clients frequently require professional translations for various occasions. Examples range from CVs to personal documents. In particular, for individuals who have lived and worked in a German-speaking country, I can aid in translating professional references. Additionally, I specialize in translating official documents like visa applications, passports, and citizenship papers, ensuring certified accuracy.

For a wider spectrum of private client documents, including driving licenses, bank statements, payslips, and insurance documents, my translation services cater to both English and certified German requirements in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Furthermore, my experience extends to translating matters related to inheritance, legal correspondence, obituaries, wedding services, and more.

Buying and Selling Goods and Services on foreign websites

When it comes to navigating German online order forms, understanding fine print, or comprehending foreign websites, challenges arise. For this purpose, I provide private clients assistance in completing German order forms, clarifying details, and translating crucial content.

Alternatively, you may be selling goods on eBay, Amazon or similar online platforms. Getting the sales blurb right can save you a lot of time and trouble. Employ a professional!

Property Transactions and Management

As property transactions become more common abroad, accurate document understanding is vital. I specialize in assisting British citizens investing in German, Austrian, and Swiss properties. Whether it’s buying, selling, or managing property, I can therefore help you navigate language barriers and complex legal systems, ensuring clarity and peace of mind.

Confidential and Efficient Service

In terms of service, I ensure rapid, precise, and confidential English-German translation at reasonable rates. With direct communication, your translation needs are handled efficiently, and a tailored approach fosters a robust client-translator relationship throughout the process.

To conclude, don’t let language barriers hinder your personal or business pursuits. Contact me today for expert English-German translation assistance.


I’d really like to recommend Erika Baker’s translation services very highly: she’s offered a really quick, efficient and professional translation of 2 official documents I needed in the process of buying a house. Erika was very transparent about her time scale, she responded to my emails super quickly and she was very friendly on the phone. Her pricing is very fair and good value. This all gave me real peace of mind in what’s a bit of a stressful process.

P.H . - March 2020

We were so thankful for the help, efficiency and quality of the translation provided to us when we asked Erika to translate the Order of Service for our Wedding. Erika was so considerate in her work, not only did she complete our translation for us within hours of taking on the task, it was also evident that a lot of thought had been put into ensuring that the translation conveyed the same sentiments as the original text, rather than simply a verbatim translation which would have been less meaningful to our German guests. We are so grateful for Erika’s help and we would certainly return for any future translations.

Many thanks

English-German translation of an Order of Service for a Wedding

Kirsty - July 2016

“Erika – totally brilliant service thank you.”

Letter from a house owner in England to the property manager in Switzerland

John Ashworth

“I’m very grateful for your very prompt and diligent work. It is quite obvious that having received a ‘challenge’ you like to see the job through until the very end.”

Translation of birth, marriage and death records from German into English


“Thank you very much for the excellent work done on the letter. You have captured the spirit of it beautifully and correctly! I shall certainly be back, asking for further work in the future.”

Translation of letter of complaint to a German bank


“I am thrilled with the translation – it is very nice and deft work, and the substance is very interesting for me. You have been extremely punctual and professional, as well as sensitive to the material.
All the best, and thanks for a job well done.”

Translation of handwritten letter from German to English for family history research purposes


“Thank you for translating my Grandfather’s letter…
This has been a great accomplishment for me since I never would have known anything about my Grandfather’s personality, character and moral disposition…
With tears, I say thanks to you.”

Translation and transcription of German handwritten letter


Erika Baker is very professional and responsive. She dealt with my request immediately and efficiently. She responded to my emails and she even goes the extra mile to give you advice.

September 2021



What My Clients Say

Sai Yash Krishnan
Sai Yash Krishnan
2 February 2024
Hands down the best translator one can find in the world of translators! All of my requests were addressed in a matter of hours. 100% recommend Erika for any of your translation needs!
Randy Pandy
Randy Pandy
1 February 2024
Great communication, quick and reliable, fair price. Would use her service again without hesitation
Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt
18 January 2024
As a barrister I am very used to using translators. Erika is the bee's knees of translators and outstanding at what she does. I would thoroughly recommend her for anyone. She also understands the nuances of language and goes above and beyond in her work. She is totally brilliant!
12 June 2023
Absolutely fantastic service from Erika. Certified translations done in professional manner and agreed timescale adhered to. Also great communication and immediate posting of the documents. Highly recommended. A+++
Christoph Hoerl
Christoph Hoerl
3 October 2022
Erika responded extremely quickly and did the work to a very professional standard within a day (and at a reasonable price)
Ibi K
Ibi K
18 September 2022
Very well organised, very fast at responding, very reasonably priced. Erika translated some financial documents for me, she was completely transparent in how the process works and the translation was completely on point
Lele F
Lele F
22 June 2022
Erika is very responsive and provided a great service. Not only did she translate my documents within a day, but she also gave me advise and was very friendly. I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Sonja M.
Sonja M.
1 May 2022
Erika has done a fantastic job translating official documents for me. I needed quite urgent translation and she was unbelievable responsive and had a solution for any problem. Thanks again!
rooh khaliq
rooh khaliq
5 September 2021
Erika Baker is very professional and responsive. She dealt with my request immediately and efficiently. She responded to my emails and she even goes the extra mile to give you advice. R.Khalique

Accurate, confidential, efficient and reliable English-German translations

Professionally qualified German translator into English and English into German, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients.

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