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South Tyrol is an autonomous province in northern Italy.

Its official languages are Italian, German and Ladin. Popular with tourists because of its diverse nature and culture with a Mediterranean flair, the province hosts many major sporting events.

In 2008 Hannes Kröss set up his sports press agency hkMedia in Bolzano, a small town of 100.000 inhabitants in the Italian Alps.  Events covered by the South Tyrolean communication company include:

  • Alpine Ski World Cup in Val Gardena
  • Ski Cross World Cup in San Candido
  • Biathlon IBU Cup in Ridanna
  • IBU Biathlon European Championships
  • Ice Climbing World Championships in Covara
  • Ice Hockey
  • Ski Cross World Cup in San Candido
  • Ice Climbing World Cup in Covara
  • Tobogganing
  • The road cycling event Giro delle Dolomiti
  • The vintage cycling event Eroica Dolomiti
  • Südtirol Three Peaks Alpine Run
  • Südtirol Ultra Skyrace mountain race
  • Bressanone Dolomites marathon
  • The Hufeisentour running race
  • Via ferratas in the Dolomites
  • Bozano City Trail
  • South Tyrolean handball
  • BOClassic athletics competition in South Tyrol
  • Ice Hockey
  • Vertical Arena climbing event in Sesto
Hannes Kross HK Media

Enhancing Tourist Experiences: Insights and Activities

When it comes to catering to tourists, valuable information takes center stage. Here’s what’s in store for you:

Exploring the Dolomites through Via Ferratas

Embark on an adventure like no other as we unravel the allure of the Dolomites through the exhilarating journey of via ferratas. A thrilling experience awaits those seeking to conquer these magnificent peaks.

Unveiling “The Walk-Through Summit Book” by Ulla Hell

Dive into the world of Ulla Hell’s captivating publication, “The Walk-Through Summit Book.” Join us in exploring its pages, brimming with insights that encapsulate the spirit of mountain exploration.

Harmony in Motion: Collaboration in Mountain Region 3 Peaks Dolomites

Discover the symphony of collaboration that harmonizes the towns and villages within the Mountain Region 3 Peaks Dolomites. Uniting efforts to create an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

The Dynamic Realm of Hannes Kröss and Team

In the realm of media and beyond, Hannes Kröss and his adept team venture into multifaceted activities, from classical media endeavors to nurturing social media presence. Their range includes:

Crafting Compelling Media

From crafting image-laden videos that captivate to curating highlight reels that showcase the essence of an experience, their media work stands as a testament to their dedication.

Sports Synergy and Beyond

Collaborating seamlessly with sports organizers, clubs, and associations, the team extends their reach, making an impact beyond the media spectrum.

Mastering Content Management

hk Media takes the reins of content management for clients’ websites, ensuring a seamless digital presence. Their touch transforms online spaces into engaging realms of exploration.

Tailoring Journalistic Creations

The canvas is vast, and hk Media’s journalistic prowess paints it vividly. From exclusive interviews that grace the pages of print to resonant audio statements for radio waves, the power of their words transcends mediums.

Vision into Reality: Visual Collaborations

Teaming up with external partners, hk Media brings visions to life through captivating videos fit for television stations. Their creative finesse shapes narratives that resonate.

Nurturing Digital Landscapes

Social networks are their playground, and hk Media approaches them with care and creativity. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, their touch enriches every corner of the digital landscape.

A Global Perspective: Beyond Borders and Industries

hk Media’s prowess isn’t confined to one arena. While sports hold a special place, their expertise extends to diverse sectors. From tourism and business to the intricate realm of medicine, satisfaction knows no boundaries.

Bridging Languages: A Multilingual Approach

Fluently conversing in German and Italian, hk Media bridges cultures. Yet, their communication knows no linguistic bounds, as they communicate through press releases that resonate in English and beyond.

Accurate, confidential, efficient and reliable English-German translations

Professionally qualified German translator into English and English into German, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients.

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