DIY translations

Trends in certified translations

Historic developments and changes Only a few years ago certified translations were a standard part of the work translators received from direct clients. However, in recent years the number of requests for certified document translations has been on a downward trend....

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DeepL, a new free online machine translation tool

August 2017 the company that operates the Linguee online dictionary launched a machine translation tool called DeepL. Linguee, the power behind DeepL Linguee is a free online dictionary combined with a search engine that scours the web for bilingual texts and...

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Translation prices. A rip-off?

When it comes to pricing translation jobs, clients, as well as translators, often seem to suspect each other of trying to take advantage. Translators often believe that clients only want to pay the lowest prices. As a consequence, we translators believe that clients...

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Transcreation vs translation

Transcreation refers to the translation of adverts and slogans. The purpose of transcreation is not only to transfer the meaning of the original text into another language but also to convey its look and feel. This serves to ensure that it has the same impact on...

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Machine translations or human translators?

Many companies try to save money by cutting corners. Replacing a human translator with an online machine translation tool like Google Translate is one of their options. So they may use online machine translation software to translate their business correspondence,...

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4 points to consider when translating qualifications

Translating qualifications, diplomas, school certificates, degrees etc. is different from 'normal' translations. The reason is that the education systems in the various countries, the subjects on offer and the marking schemes are different. Therefore it is not...

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The hidden cost of DIY translations

Sometimes companies come up with weird and wonderful ways of saving money. DIY translations are one of those. Let's say a company needs a whole series of interrelated T-shirt designs translated into a foreign language. They decide to have about half the slogans...

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