Unpredictable translation rate variations

In my translation rates pages, you can discover that the translation industry doesn’t and cannot operate with fixed tariffs.

Hence, clients will encounter translation rate variations, even within specific subjects of specialisation and identical language pairs, depending on the country of residence.

Reasons for Quoting an Above Average Rate

Your selected freelance translator might provide you with a rate higher than your expectations. However, this might not be related to the complexity or tight deadlines; it could simply mirror their current busy schedule. Consequently, they might need to work evenings or weekends to accommodate your project, justifying a premium rate for working beyond typical office hours.

Reasons for Quoting a Below Average Rate

Alternatively, a freelance translator could quote you a rate significantly lower than anticipated. This might stem from their particular interest in a subject or a matter of personal prestige in taking on your translation task. Alternatively, they could have fewer projects at the moment. Thus, they might offer a quote well below “the going rate”. It’s worth noting that some translators also charge less for charity work.

Reasons for Unanticipated Quotes Due to Translators’ Qualifications

Imagine you’ve identified a translator possessing precisely the qualifications required for the task at hand. However, this scenario might result in three distinct quotes:

  • The translator opts for a lower than average translation rate, facilitated by their ability to swiftly complete the work.
  • They might charge a higher rate, compensating for the significant time, money, and effort invested in obtaining the necessary qualification(s) for this assignment.
  • Conversely, they could settle on an average rate, deeming it a reasonable price for the job.

These examples illustrate how translation rates heavily rely on the unique circumstances and mindset of individual translators, contributing to the inherent unpredictability of translation rate variations.

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