English-German Translations, UK

B2B translation services, UK

I can offer many B2B translation services for English and German. While I mainly serve UK clients, I also work for people living in Europe. I translate general legal, industrial, administrative, marketing, general technical and general commercial documents for many purposes and occasions.

B2B translation services offered in the UK

I regularly provide the following types of English into German and German into English B2B translation services for customers in the UK and beyond.

Value-added services

A good English-German translator can save you time and money in a number of ways by offering value-added services that are not strictly “translation services”. Because sometimes you don’t actually need a precise word-by-word translation but you just need the gist of a German-language text. In this case, ask me for a summary, written or over the phone!

Occasionally it may be quicker or easier to make contact with a client of yours by email or phone call. Let me take care of this.

Some issues may be easier to sort out over the phone by a native speaker than with half a dozen carefully grafted letters. Inform me of the issue in hand and let me speak to the person in question. You’ll be surprised how much a five-minute call can achieve!

Business negotiations can be difficult if the parties don’t speak each other’s language (well). Engage me to take part in an English-German business conference call. Negotiations will go so much smoother.

When dealing with German-speaking foreign authorities, form filling is sometimes a nightmare. Ask me to do it for you!

The above value-added services make your life easier and give you a cost-effective business support service. I offer bilingual business support in the UK and in German-speaking countries in Europe.

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