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B2B English-German translations for SMEs and for individual (private) clients

I work from my home near Bristol in the UK. While I specialise in certified German to English translation services, I also regularly translate commercial documents. My specialist areas  include subjects such as tourism, legal agreements and contracts, import and export, general business texts, Amazon and eBay listings. Although my mother tongue is German, I have been living in the UK since the 1980s. English has therefore become my language of habitual use.

Mainly for businesses, I offer German-English and English-German translations of correspondence with clients or authorities. But I also translate marketing documents such as product information, company information, cooperation and other agreements, and import/export related documents. I also translate complete websites from German to English or vice versa. Private clients often ask for translations of speeches and presentations, documents concerning property ownership abroad and personal documents. Furthermore, translate German language documents required for visa applications, naturalisation, and working in the UK.

Both businesses and private individuals need translations of official documents (certified and notarised translations). If you are looking for a specialist in this area, please contact me, Erika Baker.

My subjects of specialisation include:

Translating English and German contracts and agreements

Relations to other businesses and clients often need to be clearly defined by legally binding contracts and agreements or semi-formal documents. Translating contracts and agreements from English into German can thus become an urgent need. When dealing with foreign suppliers, clients and business associates, it is essential to understand precisely what an individual contract or agreement obliges you and the other party to. Therefore, when translating German contracts and agreements from German into English attention to detail is of the essence.

Please find detailed information on my translation services with respect to contracts and agreements here.

German-English certified document translation services

Frequently, businesses and individuals require certified document translation services. Most often these are legal documents, such as sales contracts, agreements, property purchases or proof of employee identity, references etc. Increasingly, private individuals moving to the UK from the EU need certified translations of bank statements, payslips, confirmation of address, birth, marriage and divorce certificates, driving licenses and passports.

I offer a highly efficient process for certified translations of these types of documents for English and German.

In the UK, translators who are members of a relevant professional body can supply self-certified document translation services. Self-certification confirms the translation’s accuracy and lists a translator’s credentials. However, there are no publicly sworn translators in the UK.

It is important to note that other countries have different rules. Please visit my certification pages for more information on certified, notarised and sworn document translation. These pages cover not only the rules that apply to the UK but also those for other European countries. The guide includes information on how translated documents may be certified in countries such as Austria, the UK and Germany. If you require certified translations for documents originating in one of these countries, I can you refer you to a trusted colleague.

Please find a step-by-step guide to the certification process here.

I provide certified and notarised English-German translations official documents including the following:

  • police clearance certificates
  • certificates of no impediment to marriage
  • divorce certificates
  • school leavers’ certificates
  • school reports and transcripts
  • degree certificates and transcripts
  • university course content
  • change of name certificates
  • no claims bonus
  • certificates of conformity
  • German/English birth certificates (in their various formats)
  • death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • references
  • qualifications
  • payslips
  • bank statements
  • confirmation of address
  • driving licenses
  • passports

English-German business support services

Sometimes, you just need someone to pick up the phone or write an email to sort out an administrative problem for you that has arisen. This is even more true when the other side speaks German rather than English. A translator like me can find the right contact person or the right company with a solution for your problem. I find it particularly quickly and efficiently as I speak your contact person’s language.

I’ve been offering this kind of bilingual business support successfully for many years.

Assisting with property management in German-speaking countries

  • Liaising with estate agents for the buying and selling of houses and apartments abroad
  • Assisting estate agents and solicitors in sorting out questions around probate
  • Working with solicitors on legal questions around buying, selling and letting property in Germany, Switzerland or Austria
  • Contacting property management companies to help sort out any issues arising
  • Helping with clarifying questions around mortgages and overseas bank accounts

Helping companies who have employees working abroad

  • Supporting you when dealing with the authorities when unexpected legal issues arise over different employment legislation, payment structures for posted workers, holiday regulations, in-work benefits etc.
  • Assistance with filling in forms
  • Help with finding the right authority or contact person for queries

Assisting businesses who sell products to German-speaking customers

  • Correspondence and telephone calls to arrange meetings with overseas business partners or clients
  • Help with preparation of materials for discussions
  • Assistance with tax and VAT questions
  • Support with keyword research for online marketing

… and anything else you might need bilingual business support with!

English-German translation rates

Factors that affect translation rates

Clients like to compare rates and for this purpose, they search websites of agencies and freelance translators for precise information. However, this information is not easily obtainable as there are so many variables involved when quoting for a translation job. Due to considerably lower overheads, I can assure you that my prices are very reasonable compared to those of agencies. Living in the UK means that I am not legally required to charge VAT as long as my turnover remains within government-set limits. For a private customer resident in the UK, this means a real saving of currently 20% compared to employing an agency!

Factors that influence my translation services rates

When setting my rates for English-German and German-English translation services I have to take into account not only the number of words in the text but a multitude of other factors, including:

  • How complex is your text?
  • What level of technical expertise is required?
  • Does the document need a lot of formatting?
  • Is it available in an editable format?
  • How quickly do you need it?
  • Do you need a (self-)certified translation or does it have to be legalised by a solicitor or even notarised?

All these factors influence the cost of the translation.

I usually charge per 1000 words of text pro rata. Depending on the document in question. Occasionally it may be more cost-effective for you if I charge by the hour rather than based on word count. I also charge a minimum fee for texts below a certain word count. Please find below a rough price guide for my translation services.

The cost of German to English certified UK translations

For certified translations, the certificate or document has to be drawn up by hand and the layout has to look as closely as possible like the original, including all side bars, headers and footers. It is therefore impossible to say how much a single page document costs to translate. Prices start at £35, the average for a one-page document is £40. Please email me your document for a binding quote.

Notarised translation costs

Notarisation is priced as follows: the cost of translating the original German language documents plus an additional fee of around £125. This covers the notary’s fees and the extra time involved to visit his office. Please read my more detailed article on translation rate calculation here.

Please phone me or send me your text by email so I can assess it carefully before supplying you with a formal quote.

Payment options

I usually enclose an invoice with the translated document. Clients may pay by direct bank transfer or cheque.

If you send your payment from outside the UK, please make sure that you pay all monetary transaction costs arising and that the amount credited to my account covers the invoiced amount.  I recommend the use of Wise, formerly TransferWise (‎) for payments from outside the UK as their exchange rates are good and their charges are low.

My background

After my A’ Levels in Germany, I completed my language studies in Tokyo, Japan. Having moved to the UK in 1986, I subsequently spent eight years working for a Japanese company as a researcher into European energy politics and energy economics.

In 1991 I obtained the Institute of Linguists’ post-graduate Diploma in Translation specialising in Science and Business. In addition, I passed the Institute of Linguists’ ELIC Diploma (Examinations for Languages for International Communication) in 1992. Since then I have been providing freelance English-German translations. I am a long-term member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.


Confidentiality and retention of personal information

I am registered with the ICO and required to keep all your personal information confidential at all times. 
If, following an enquiry, you do not place any work with me, I will delete all email communication and all documents you may have sent me.

If I do translate documents for you, HMRC and my personal indemnity insurance require that I keep a record of all information and documents exchanged for a period of 7 years. During that time, all information remains strictly confidential and is not shared with third parties for any purpose.

You can find more information about my privacy policy here.


Accurate, confidential, efficient and reliable English-German translations

Professionally qualified German translator into English and English into German, offering first class translation services for commercial, industrial, governmental and private clients.

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