Qualities mainly needed by staff translators

Staff translators benefit from a number of personality traits, skills and abilities.

Ability to work and function well as staff translators in an office environment

Let’s assume most staff translators work mainly in their employers’ offices rather than in their own homes (although there seems to be a trend in this direction, especially post Covid). They’ll need a number of social skills to interact with their colleagues. Also, they need to be able to work in a less than quiet environment with lots of potential distractions. They will, however, benefit from immediate specialist support should it be needed.

Being able to apply a number of different software tools

Staff translators, especially those working for translation agencies, are likely to be required to work with a number of different CAT tools. Additionally, they will have access to other software that is simply uneconomical to buy for a freelance translator. The translation company should provide adequate training and support.

Ability to work as part of a team

As a staff translator, you will be expected to undertake tasks as part of a team. So interpersonal skills are essential. The ability to delegate tasks can also be useful.

Staff translators working from home

If you are an employed translator but work from home, part of the time or full-time, you’ll need some of the abilities and skills that a freelance translator needs. While you won’t need the entrepreneurial skills and don’t need to concern yourself with the administration jobs that come with self-employment, you will need skills like being self-reliant, having self-discipline and the ability to work on your own all day, having very little contact with co-workers.
You may find Iolante’s guide on how to establish and run a successful home office useful.

Possible sources of employment

Aspiring staff translators can search for jobs here.

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