English-German Translations, UK

Translating technical documents

Companies need technical translations often either for an audience of insiders or for a public readership. The original document usually addresses either people with an in-depth subject knowledge, such as colleagues in other countries, engineers,or those with no prior knowledge or understanding.Technical translations can be required for conference presentations, peer-reviewed journals, or for tender documents. Other technical translations are aimed at end users with little prior knowledge or experience. Alternatively, printer manuals, operating instructions for electric gadgets or sales brochures are all aimed at the general public. Therefore, the level of language varies from the highly complicated with plenty of jargon to the easily understood using simple language.

Technical documents whose target audience is the general public

When it comes to carrying out technical translations from English into German and German into English, I am highly experienced and confident. I often carry out technical translations such as product descriptions, user manuals and product specifications. I do not have a degree in engineering, though! Please phone or email me, so we can discuss your translation proposal.

If you are not sure how specialised your document is, consider your target readership. Say your document’s intended readership are software developers, for example. In this case, you are very likely to need an English or German translator who specialises in this area. However, if your text uses simple language to explain to end users without specialist knowledge how your software works, a qualified translator with general expertise can help you. I have the ability to intelligently research relevant English or German terminology online. This enables me to make sure that your translated text will be at as accurate, readable and informative as your original document.

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