English-German Translations, UK

English-German translations for private clients

When offering English-German translations for private clients I, first and foremost, seek to create a personal relationship between us.

I do this because I believe that a personal relationship between private clients and translators is the basis of good communication. In fact, good communication is the basis for understanding the clients’ requirements fully. And last but not least, understanding clients’ requirements fully leads to more cost-effective English into German translation results.

Occasions when private clients may need professional translations

Private clients may need to have a CV or other personal documents translated. They may have worked and lived in a German-speaking country and now need a translation of their professional references. In some cases, these clients may require certified document translation.

I translate a wide variety of documents, including driving licenses or insurance documents. These documents may need to be translated into English and certified. Austria, Germany and Switzerland have very specific and stringent requirements, therefore you may need to employ a translator based in those countries. I have also helped sort out an inheritance issue and deal with other English-German correspondence with lawyers or authorities in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. In addition, I translate texts such as obituaries for German language relatives, menus for a weddingbest man’s speeches… In fact, the list is endless.

You may be selling goods on eBay, Amazon or similar online platforms. Getting the sales blurb right can save you a lot of time and trouble. Employ a professional!

Buying goods and services online from foreign websites

Do you need help filling in German online order forms for goods or services? Does it cause you concern that you don’t understand the small print? Do you think you just found exactly what you were looking for on the Internet but the site is in German only, so you can’t be sure? Or are you in the middle of negotiating a purchase with a German-speaking supplier but find it impossible to sort out the details due to the language barrier?

You may have bought a product online. The seller may be based in a German-speaking country and now you don’t understand the manual supplied. Ask me for a full or partial translation into English! I will be happy to act as an intermediary to sort out whatever needs sorting – methodically and thoroughly, charging a fair hourly rate.

However small or large the personal documents you need to have translated between English and German, just contact me.

Buying and selling property abroad

Buying a property abroad is no longer a rare occurrence. In fact, a lot of British citizens have property in the cities and holiday regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Contact me if you need assistance with understanding German language documents for a house or flat purchased abroad. I recommend entering into a long-term business relationship. This enables me to charge you on an hourly basis pro rata, rather than applying a minimum fee for each small transaction. This makes my English-German translation services very affordable.

Buying a flat in a German-speaking country

While the UK was a full member of the European Union, it was relatively simple to own property in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. However, the legal systems vary greatly and may vary even more after Brexit. And this does not only apply to the process of buying property but also to inheritance laws. Indeed, there are many pitfalls for potential foreign property owners and landlords.

If you are not completely familiar with the legal system or the language of the country in which you plan to buy a property, please engage a translator for your own peace of mind. They can reassure you that you are not only buying what you think you are buying, but also that the sale conditions are acceptable to you and that you understand your legal obligations. Please find an excellent UK guide on buying property abroad on the gov.uk website. However, if you don’t live in the UK, try searching for “guide on how to buy property abroad” in German. Not only consumer organisations and government departments but also some law firms and property agents provide useful information.

Managing property abroad

After the purchase of a property in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, you may receive correspondence, bills and need to carry out other administrative tasks in the German language. Establish a relationship with me and you’ll never be more than a telephone conversation away from the answer to your German language queries.

Speedy, professional and confidential service

I will carry out any English or German translation assignment speedily, confidentially and accurately at an affordable price. You will be in direct contact me and no calls will be placed on hold. What is more, there are no third parties involved unless the text needs to be proof-read before publication. One of my many strengths lies in the personal rapport established between us during the German-English translation process.

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