Buying and selling goods online, internationally

Selling goods online

Selling goods online, example: Amazon websiteDo you use online market places for selling goods online? Amazon, Gumtree or eBay? Our translators often translate the sales blurb for these online advertising and auction places.

A problem our language professionals often come across is that traders believe that it is perfectly adequate to use machine translations for their foreign product advertisements. However, using translations which are less than perfect, may lead to clients inundating a trader with enquiries for products other than those that they actually have for sale. Or they may receive time-consuming and therefore costly calls from confused or disappointed customers.

In fact, these “short cuts” when selling goods online are false economies. Contact an independent Iolante translator! They will advise you on what you need to have translated and will carry out the translation professionally, minimising unproductive enquiries by helping to avoid ambiguities.

Buying goods and services online from foreign websites

Do you need help filling in online order forms for goods or services? Does it cause you concern that you don’t understand the small print?

Do you think you just found exactly what you were looking for on the Internet but the site is in Spanish, Italian, German or French only, so you can’t be sure?

Or are you in the middle of negotiating a purchase with a French-speaking supplier but find it impossible to sort out the details due to the language barrier?

Our independent translators will be happy to act as intermediaries to sort out whatever needs sorting – methodically and thoroughly, charging a fair hourly rate. Please visit our translation rate pages for price bands applied by our translators.

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