Buying and administering property abroad

It has become relatively simple to own property within another European Union state. However, the legal systems vary greatly – and this does not only apply to the process of buying property but also to inheritance laws. Indeed, there are many pitfalls for potential foreign property owners and landlords.

Please find an excellent UK guide on buying property abroad on the website. However, if you don’t live in the UK, try searching for “guide on how to buy property abroad” in your language. Not only consumer organisations and government departments but also some law firms and property agents provide useful information.

Buying property abroad

If you are not completely familiar with the legal system and language of the country in which you plan to buy a property, a translator’s services can reassure you that you are not only buying what you think you are buying, but also that the sale conditions are acceptable to you and that you understand your legal obligations.

Administering property abroad

After the purchase of a property abroad, you may receive correspondence, bills and need to carry out other administrative tasks in a foreign language.

Establish a relationship with a good, reliable translator and you’ll never be more than a telephone conversation away from the answer to your language queries.

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