UK-based freelance translators wanted as franchisees

Freelance translators wanted? While we can’t offer you a “job” as a translator, Iolante can offer you a career in translation. With our franchising opportunity you keep your independence, you obtain higher translation rates and achieve improved job satisfaction.

You may ask yourself what we mean by “higher translation rates”. Higher than what?

Because we offer our translators direct access to clients rather than acting as an intermediary, our translators can charge much higher rates than those who are part of large “auction websites” – where the lowest bidder wins – or those who work for translation agencies. Even taking into account our fees, you will still be much better off.

Working with clients without intermediaries also means that you receive much more feedback. What is more, you feel more connected to your work due to being able to build up a personal relationship with your clients.

Iolante only offers each language pair once per country. This means that you are not competing against scores of other similarly qualified freelance translators. You are the only one in your country of residence with your language pair. This increases your chances to find work through our website significantly, compared to other sites which will accept multiple translators with identical language pairs.

We are only recruiting in the UK at present

The following language pairs are currently covered in the UK: English-German, English-French, English-Italian, English-Romanian, English-Russian, English-Polish, English-simplified-Chinese, Swedish-English, Danish-English and English-Spanish. All other language pairs, including Japanese-English and Dutch-English, for example, are needed.

If you live in the UK and offer a language combination not yet covered by one of our translators, please read the section FAQ for franchisees before contacting Iolante for further details. The FAQ page gives general guidance on a number of important questions in simple language. Please note, however, that only the Franchise Agreement contains legally binding information.

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