The translators’ franchise

The Iolante translators’ franchise enables businesses as well as private clients requiring translation services to find qualified, experienced translators, without agency involvement. Most of all, our unique website puts clients’ interests first.

At the same time, freelance translators have the opportunity to publish a detailed profile page on the Iolante website and benefit from the site’s international popularity.

Please note that we are only recruiting in the UK at the moment.

Entry requirements for the Iolante translators’ franchise

Iolante has strict entry requirements, therefore only qualified AND experienced translators feature on the site.It is essential that all translators maintain complete independence. They are neither employed by Iolante, nor does Iolante act as agents for them. In short, they are self-employed entrepreneurs supported by the Iolante franchise.

Support services for franchisees

Support ranges from help with the wording of the translator’s profile for the website to administrative support and training in business management. Franchisees also have access to telephone and email support for day-to-day business queries. Last but not least, Iolante provides a comprehensive operations manual. The document includes a start-up guide, giving Iolante translators the opportunity to benefit from the Directors’ long-term experience in the translation industry.

Becoming a franchisee

Before requesting more detailed information about Iolante and how to become a franchisee, please first check the requirements for translators and the Iolante franchise FAQ. Please remember that we are not recruiting outside the UK at present. Once you have satisfied yourself that you are suitably qualified and experienced and offer a language combination not yet offered by another translator in the UK, please contact Iolante for details on how to become part of the translators’ franchise.

We are currently covered for the following language combinations in the UK:

  • English into French, German, Romanian, Spanish, simplified-Chinese, Russian, Italian and Polish
  • German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Polish and Romanian into English

We are seeking translators who live in the UK and can provide the language pair directions not covered above.

Iolante works for the mutual benefit of clients and translators

The Iolante website offers opportunities for both clients and translators. It provides an immediate link between the two parties without the need for third-party intermediaries. As a rule, translation clients deal directly with the translator who will do the translation job. This enables more competitive pricing, clear and uncomplicated communication, excellent value for money and a tailor-made end product. Why? Because the translator gains a better understanding of the client’s translation requirements than achievable when working with an agency as intermediary. In fact, direct contact with clients creates a stress-reduced working environment for the translator and forms the basis of a good working relationship between client and translation service provider.

Networking is a must

Iolante strongly encourages networking between franchisees. This benefits clients as well as translators. Some of our translators are willing and able to manage multilingual translation projects, ideally by placing them with other freelance translators of the Iolante network. On other occasions a translator may be able to recommend an alternative linguist to their clients should they not fulfil the necessary requirements (language pair, timescale, country of residence, specialisation). Networking also facilitates holiday or sickness cover.

English is our working language

Iolante’s working language is English.Therefore, most of the remaining texts within the franchise area have not been translated. We expect potential franchisees – the target readership of these pages – to have a working knowledge of the English language.

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