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About me

I am Ana Ricca MA FCCA MCIL MITI. I provide English-Spanish translation services for businesses and individual clients in the UK and Spain.

Based in Plymouth, I also work as an interpreter in Devon and Cornwall. Additionally, I can provide telephone interpreting services for clients based anywhere in the UK or Spain.

English-Spanish translation expertise in many areas

My special areas of expertise include commercial, legal, accounting and finance. I translate many different types of documents, including websites, Amazon and eBay listings. In addition, I provide certified and notarised Spanish-English document translations.

Qualifications and experience

In addition to holding an Honours Degree in English  (University of Seville, Spain, 1992), I obtained a Masters with Distinction in Translation Studies from Bristol University in 2013. As well as a linguist, I have been a Chartered Certified Accountant since 2002.

I have spent almost twenty years working for international organisations in a variety of industry sectors. Mainly I was employed in a senior accounting and finance role. The companies I worked for represented many different industries, such as engineering, manufacturing, exports, banking, medical and pharmaceutical companies. Combined with my work as an independent English to Spanish translation service provider, this experience has enabled me to gain a deep understanding of business practices in the UK and Spain. What is more, it provided me with insights into a wide range of industries, products and services. This includes mining, renewable energies, telecommunications, legal, engineering, agriculture, glass, gaming, banking, IT infrastructure, art exhibitions, catering and tourism, to name but a few.

Spanish is my native language, but I have lived in Devon and Cornwall since 1992. I currently live in Plymouth, UK.

Membership of professional bodies

I became a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists in 2012. I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting as well as a member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Copy-editors and Interpreters (ASETRAD). Furthermore, I am a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Ana Ricca, English to Spanish translation services, UK

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Freelance English-Spanish translation services, Plymouth, UK

I provide professional independent English-Spanish translation services for private clients, commerce and industry. Due to my qualifications in the accounting profession, I also work as a specialist translator and interpreter for firms of accountants and solicitors. To give you some examples, I offer Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations of commercial documents, including:

  • websites;
  • product sales listings for online sales platforms like eBay, Amazon and other web traders;
  • business correspondence, business updates and reviews;
  • policies and procedures, e.g. finance policies or HR policies;
  • product information, instructions and user manuals;
  • company information, including marketing material;
  • service level agreements and contracts;
  • corporate transactions and communications, employee manuals, presentations. Also: training material on a variety of topics,  including audit and accounting, imports and exports, strategy, general management, leadership, human resources, health and safety, supply chain, manufacturing, lean, six sigma, operations, general financial markets and banking.

I offer English-Spanish translation services, including:

  • certified translations of exam certificates, professional qualifications, employers’ references, birth certificates, divorce certificates, police clearance certificates and more;
  • translations of enquiries from and correspondence with tax authorities, accountants, banks, solicitors;
  • speeches and presentations;
  • translations of personal letters and documents;
  • and many other personal documents.

My areas of specialisation cover:

  • the translation of a multitude of business and commercial documents;
  • translating accounting and financial documents;
  • translation of contracts and agreements;
  • providing certified, notarised as well as sworn Spanish-English translations;
  • general technical translations.

English-Spanish interpreting services

I also work as an English-Spanish interpreter in Devon and Cornwall from my Plymouth base. In addition, I can provide telephone interpreting services if required.

English and Spanish business support services

In some instances, rather than paying for a full translation of the original document, other options may prove to be more effective in delivering a translation. These options may also save you time and money. Upon discussion of your requirements, other possibly more suitable alternatives may include for instance:

  • providing the gist of a document in English or Spanish so that you can decide whether the document requires a full translation;
  • instant translation over the phone;
  • translated written summaries;
  • making phone calls on your behalf;
  • assistance with official forms;
  • business interpreting in Devon and Cornwall (and other cities easily accessible from Plymouth)

Certified Spanish-English translation services

You may need a translator for a Spanish official document that you have to submit to certain public authorities in Spain or in England. The translated text may require certification, notarision or the taking of an oath in front of a notary (a sworn translation). Most importantly, the client must determine what required level of certification to ensure compliance so that an application is not rejected on presentation of the translated documents.

The most common type of documents that need some form of certified translation are legal documents. These include affidavits and witnesses’ reports or official documents like birth certificates, death certificates and marriage or divorce certificates.

I can offer certified, notarised and sworn Spanish-English translation services as required by most authorities both in England and in Spain. I will arrange for the correct level of certification according to your instructions. Due to my membership to relevant professional bodies I am entitled to self-certify translations.

Please note that I must send certified translations by post, as an original signature is required.

Certified Spanish-English translations normally required in the UK

Certification by the translator: A certificate of accuracy signed by myself will be attached to the translated document.

Notarisation: Once I have completed the translation, I will produce a certificate of accuracy and visit the offices of a local notary public who will check my identity and witness my signature. Both documents will be attached to the translated documents.

Certified Spanish-English translations usually required in Spain

A sworn translation or traducción jurada: A certificate of accuracy compliant with the requirements of the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación in Spain must be attached to the translation and signed by a sworn translator registered with this ministry. If required, I can assist you to find out what the exact requirements are from the Spanish authorities.

Please click on the translation rates tab for details about prices for these English to Spanish translation services.

English-Spanish translation services rates

Obtaining a quote

The rates for English to Spanish translations are dependent on a variety of factors. First of all, these include the use of the translation, length of the text, complexity of content and format, urgency of the translation. Additionally, services such as certification or notarisation, proofreading, compilation of glossaries etc. will also affect the price. Therefore, I must have sight of the full text and discuss it with you before I can provide a binding quotation for an English-Spanish translation.

Once I have received the document that needs translating, I will gather the information necessary to fully understand your needs and tailor your quotation accordingly. I will also make you aware of the best possible format for your document and any related documentation to keep the price of the translation as low as possible.

My charging structure for English-Spanish translation services

Translation services rates for general commercial and private document translation

  • I usually charge per 1000 words of text pro rata, ranging from £75 – £115 per 1000 words.
  • My minimum fee is £35 (negotiable for very small jobs and/or regular clients).

Translation rates for certified translation services

Translating and certifying official documents costs £40 per A4-certificate, £30 for each subsequent page if part of the same order.

I charge £50 to £130 for longer certificates.

Please contact me for a quote for your specific document(s).

Rates for legalisation and other additional services

The charge for legalisation by a solicitor is around £25.

Additional copies of certified translations available on request.

Prices negotiable. Minimum fee £5.

Additional costs for notarised translations

Notarisation: the agreed cost for the translation (including postage) plus a fee of around £125 which covers the notary’s charges and t

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