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Simona Negroni MA DipTrans IoLET

First and foremost, I am an Italian to English translator, based in the UK. However, I also offer language consultancy services and work as an interpreter in Greater London. I am a qualified professional translator. Although an Italian native speaker, I have lived in the UK since 2003. My core business is translating from English into Italian and from Italian into English.

Qualifications and membership of professional bodies

My solid background in translation is based on my Master’s degree in Technical Translation and the Diploma in Translation (a qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists). Combining translation qualifications with long-term work experience as an independent translator helps me to understand my clients’ language needs and to provide a professional service that I customise to their needs.

Having been active as a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) for a number of years, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting accepted me as an associate member in 2006. I am also a member of SUBTLE, an association for subtitlers n the UK.

My client base includes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as private clients (mainly based in the UK). Apart from English to Italian translation services, I also offer French, German, Spanish and Portuguese to Italian translations.

You can find clients’ testimonials by scrolling down the page.

Simona Negroni, Italian to English translator, UK

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Independent Italian to English translator, UK

English/Italian commercial documents I translate regularly:

  • Business documents, including communication, marketing texts (flyers, brochures, advertisements), press releases, PowerPoint presentations and more
  • Websites
  • Manufacturer’s manuals
  • Official certificates and documents (certified translations)
  • CVs
  • Tourist guides, tourist catalogues and brochures
  • Medical and scientific articles, medical/hospital reports and records
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android, video games and general software
  • many other documents that need to be translated from Italian into English.

I am also an experienced provider of subtitling or voice-over services of corporate videos and training videos, documentaries and films plus tourist audio guides.

However, the above list is by no means exhaustive. If you have an Italian-English translation request or are interested in my interpreting services, please contact me using the contact form below, the email address given or by telephone. This will give us the chance to explore how I could help you with your Italian-English language requirements.

I specialise in Italian-English translations and offer my services as an interpreter in the following fields.

Italian-English translation services

  • Translations for marketing purposes
  • General business translations
  • Website translation and localisation (plus localisation of software, apps, video games etc.)
  • Medical and scientific translations (including hospital records and medical reports)
  • Tourism and arts-related translations
  • Audiovisual translations

These are not only my main specialist fields – they are also my passions.

What is more, I offer Italian-English translations in other areas of specialisation, so please do contact me and enquire how I can help you. I will be very happy to answer all your language-related questions.

Certified Italian-English translations

I can supply you with certified Italian to English document translations. Clients usually request certified translations when they need to present translations of official documents such as birth/marriage/divorce certificates, (university or school) diplomas, bank statements, police clearance to authorities outside of the country the original document was issued in.fThe reasons are varied. Maybe they are applying for a visa or wish to /immigrate. Sometimes they wish to marry in a foreign country.

The process takes approximately 2-3 working days.

Please find below a list of documents, I often provide Italian-English certified translations for:

  • Divorce Decrees
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Police Clearance, CRBs
  • Passports, ID cards, Driving Licenses
  • Diplomas, Academic Transcripts
  • Birth Certificates
  • Reference Letters
  • Medical Reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Insurance Letters
  • Affidavits

Rates for certified Italian-English translations

My minimum charge for one-page certificates is £40 for the first page and £30 for each additional page, providing they are part of the same translation job.
Translation rates for longer certificates range from £50 to £120, depending on the volume of text.
The additional charge for legalisation by a solicitor is in the region of £25.

Other Italian-English translation service providers

Should I not be able to supply you with the certified translation service you require, please try my colleague Giulia Bancheri. Living in Italy, she provides freelance English-Italian certified translations for use in Italy as well as the UK.


Italian-English Interpreting services

I offer public service interpreting services (legal and medical) and business interpreting (at meetings, for training, factory or client visits, presentations, trade shows etc.). I work as an Italian-English interpreter face-to-face as well as per telephone.

English-Italian translation services rates, UK

In the UK, translations are usually charged per word or per thousand words.

As an independent translator I can offer more competitive translation rates than any agency can, because they have much higher overheads. I also offer a much more personalised customer service to my clients.

I tend to charge per 1,000 words or per hour. Hourly rates can prove more cost-effective for clients than a charge based on word count. Please find below some indications of my standard rates for Italian-English translations. However, these are a rough guide only. All my prices take into account the requirements of the specific English or Italian document at hand. Once I have seen the source document and understand your requirements precisely, I will give you an appropriate quote.

Standard translation rates for Italian-English translation services

My translation rates per 1,000 words range from £80 to £120.

The minimum charge for small jobs is £40 (negotiable for extremely small jobs).

Certified Italian-English translations

A one-page certificate is charged at £40 for the first page and £30 for additional pages which are part of the same translation job.
Based on the volume of text to be translated, my translation rates for longer certificates range from £50 to £120. In addition, there is a charge in the region of £25 should legalisation by a solicitor be required.

Translation rates for my other language pairs

The above rates apply to my Italian to English translation services. For further details, please contact me using the contact details below. My other language combinations are: PortugueseSpanishFrench and German into Italian. Rates may vary slightly.

Requests for quotations and payment options

Requesting a quotation

For a formal quote, please include in your mail the document you need translated from Italian into English or German, Spanish, French or Portuguese into Italian. Please also specify your envisaged deadline for delivery of the translation. I will then give you a quote as soon as possible.

If you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to drop me a line, pick up the phone or use the contact form. I’ll be happy to help if you need more information on my Italian-English translation, interpreting or other service I offer. I’d be especially keen to talk to you about how I can help you and your business to go multilingual and become a player in the globalised world…

Payment options

I will send you my invoice with the translation.

You may pay by direct bank transfer. This is my preferred method of payment. However, when sending a payment from outside the UK, please make sure that you pay all bank charges that may arise and that the amount credited to my account covers the invoiced amount in full.

You can also use PayPal. In this case I will add 3% to my invoice to cover the charges PayPal levies when I transfer incoming funds to my UK bank account.

TransferWise (‎) may be a cheaper option for payments from outside the UK.


What clients have said about me and my work.

“Thank you very much. Very kind and fast, exactly as requested. I will ask you again in the future should I need your services and I will recommend your services if somebody asks me. Have a lovely day.”

Monica Del Nero

Certified translation of a criminal record certificate

(Testimonial translated from the Italian original)

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