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 Peter Bowen BA MITI

Based in London, I provide German-English translations for business and private clients. I became a professional freelance German-English translator in 1992. My areas of specialisation include marketing materials, legal documents, certified translation of official documents, insurance, technical translation, IT, art, culture and history.

I obtained a BA (hons) in Modern Languages (French and German) from Bristol University in 1986. In addition, I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Specialised Translation issued by Polytechnic of Central London (1991). This postgraduate diploma covers the following languages: German, French, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Greek.

I have been a full member of ITI since 1994. Due to having access to a large network of translators for assistance in many different language combinations, I can handle many different projects.

Apart from offering German-English translations, I translate from Danish, French, Norwegian and Swedish into English.

Peter Bowen, German-English translations, London, UK

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Streatham, South West London, UK

+44 (0)776 217 3815


Independent German-English translations

I started offering freelance German-English translation services in the early 1990s. Apart from German to English translations I provide Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and French into English translation services.

I am experienced in translating many different types of documents for businesses as well as private clients. My areas of specialisation include:

Official German documents for German-English translation

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  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Certified translation of official documents
  • Insurance
  • Technical translation
  • Patents
  • IT
  • Art and culture
  • History

In addition to the above services, I offer language revision in German and English. Clients for my German-English translation services include limited companies, law firms, professional organisations, academics, museums, government agencies and private individuals.

I have undertaken translation projects covering various document types:

  • Business-related: business terms and conditions, cooperation agreements and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Judicial system-related: court judgements, legislation, defences, claims;
  • Insurance industry-related: insurance policies, insurance reports;
  • Miscellaneous: personal as well as business correspondence;
  • Certified translations: German birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, school certificates and many other official and unofficial documents;
  • Art: translation of a number of books and exhibition catalogues.

Certified German-English translations

I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Therefore I am authorised to self-certify my own translations from German into English for use in the UK.

Please be aware, however, that different organisations have different requirements for certified translations. It is essential that you find out whether and how the translation of your document must be certified, notarised or legalised for your particular intended use before you order the translation from me.


Please email me the document(s) you need translated or phone me, and I will give you a quotation.

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