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Camelia Popescu Dip Trans IoLET MCIL

About me

My name is Camelia Popescu. From my office in London, I offer not only English-Romanian translations but also other language-related services. Though a native Romanian, I have been living and working in the UK since 2003.

My passion for the English language and culture began early. It was during the first couple of years of foreign language tuition at school that I developed a keen interest. The two-hour weekly classes were not enough to satisfy my need for absorbing and perfecting my knowledge. Therefore, I started studying English on my own, making use of all available tools. In fact, I invested half of my very first salary in a 75,000-entry English-Romanian-English dictionary. The day I could take it home with me was one of the most memorable days of my teenage years.

In 2007, just 4 years after moving to London, I sat the Diploma in Translation exam (Chartered Institute of Linguists). I passed all three units and achieved a distinction in literature. Since then, I have expanded my professional horizon greatly due to my inquisitive nature and will to be good at what I do. Enjoying the challenges of a technical text as much as those of a literary translation, I pay attention to detail. Quality is always my number one priority.

I became a member of the Society of Authors in 2016. I have been a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists since 2016.

Camelia Popescu providing English-Romanian translations

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Battersea Park Rd, London SW8 4LS, UK

+44 (0)7946 688559


Freelance English-Romanian translation services

I translate Romanian documents for clients in business and commerce. Amongst other things,  I cover marketing copy and general correspondence. I also work with legal and financial texts. Other areas I have experience in are translating documents concerning social services. I am also a translator of literature. Furthermore, I offer technical translations, e.g. regarding tools and machinery.

Additionally, I provide proofreading and editing services of Romanian documents.


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Certified English-Romanian translation services, UK

I can provide English-Romanian translations of official documents for use within the UK. I am authorised to self-certify due to my membership of the Institute of Linguists.

Notarised English-Romanian translations, Romanian rules

Notarised translations for use by Romanian authorities must follow special rules. They must be carried out by a notary public or by a translator authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. The process is detailed in the Notaries Public Act 36/1995. You can find a list of Romanian notaries on the website of the National Union of Notaries Public from Romania.

Please check with the body who has asked for the translation of your documents as to which type of certificate you need.

English-Romanian translation services rates

My working rates for English-Romanian translations range from £75 to £110 per 1,000 source language words. Translation prices depend mainly on text and/or document layout, language complexity, volume and deadline or urgency.

There will be a minimum charge for short documents, typically between £25 and £35 for up to 300 words. The cost depends on complexity and deadline. For very short texts I will arrive at a special rate after having looked at the document in question.

Certified document translation prices

Prices for certified English-Romanian document translations depend on a number of factors. These include the type of document, the number of pages and the degree of urgency.

Notarised translations for use in the UK include the cost of the notary public. Please ask for an estimate before you authorise the translation.

Save 20%

As I am not VAT registered, the price quoted will be exactly what you will be invoiced.

Quotation requests

Please phone me to discuss your English-Romanian translation requirements. Alternatively, you can use the contact form or my email address to send me details of your translation project.

For an accurate quote, it is accepted industry practice to only give out quotes after having had sight of the document to be translated. This enables the translator to check the text for a number of factors that can influence the translation rate for a specific job. Such factors include the volume, subject matter, complexity, layout and formatting, as well as your proposed deadline.

Payment options

My invoice will state the agreed payment terms, including payment options. This can either be bank transfer, PayPal or TransferWise.

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