English-Polish translator and interpreter, UK

Anna Dobson BA (Hons) MA NRPSI MCIL

I have worked as a Polish translator and interpreter since 2008, based in Kent, close to London. Born and raised in Poland, I am now resident in Kent. Apart from commercial customers and government departments, I also serve private clients. These often require certified translations. While there is no such thing as a “certified translator” in the UK, as a member of the Chartered Institute of linguists I am entitled to self-certify the documents I translate.

Areas of expertise

My areas of expertise include documents from the following areas:

  • Advertising and Marketing: Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets & Printed Material, Guide Books, Handbooks & Newsletters;
  • Business: Contracts, General Business Documentation, Training;
  • Fashion: Catalogues, Clothing;
  • EU Matters: General and Political, Law and Justice, Human Rights;
  • Insurance: Accident;
  • Law: Criminal, Employment, Family;
  • Leisure and Sport: Hotels and Accommodation, Tourism, Travel;
  • Other Skills: Proofreading.

The companies I work for are mainly based in Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Margate and Folkestone. Businesses in London also avail themselves of my services as a translator of English documents into Polish and an interpreter between English and Polish speakers.

I offer certified document translation to businesses as well as private clients.

Language Qualifications

I hold a BA in English studies which I obtained from the University of Łódź in 2003. I completed my studies at the University of Warsaw,  Poland, with an MA in American studies in 2006. After moving to the UK, I was awarded the Metropolitan Police Test Certificate from the loL Educational Trust in 2012.

In addition, I am a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

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4 Park Road, Birchington, Kent CT7 0AE, UK

+44 (0)7500 540127


Freelance translator, Kent and London areas

The documents I have translated into the Polish language include:

  • Business Reports;
  • Brochures, Posters & Leaflets;
  • European Union Projects;
  • Insurance Documentation;
  • Legal Contracts and Agreements;
  • Medical Documentation;
  • Personal Letters;
  • Mortgage-related Documentation;
  • Police Statements;
  • and more.

Agencies and businesses I have worked for

I have successfully worked as an English-Polish interpreter for:

  • Businesses;
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux;
  • HM Revenue & Customs;
  • Judiciary and Courts (in Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and Margate);
  • Local Councils;
  • The National Health Service (Birchington Medical Centre, Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate, The Limes Surgery in Margate, Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, Newington Road Surgery in Ramsgate, Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury, BMI The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury);
  • Police Constabularies (in Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and Margate);
  • Solicitors.

The solicitors that employed me include Accident Injury Solicitors, Bond Joseph Solicitors, Boys & Maugham Solicitors, CK Law Solicitors and Moore Blatch Resolve.

I have also worked for government agencies like the British Transport Police, The Crown Prosecution Service, Gangmasters Licensing Authority, HM Revenue & Customs and HM Courts & Tribunals Service, Kent Police and the charity Victim Support.

I have provided (certified) my services to many translation agencies. These include Aalami World Languages, Absolute Translations Ltd, Alpha Language Services, Bostico International, Burravoe, Capita Interpreting and Translation. Other agencies I worked for include  Cintra, Global Voices, Kessler Associates Proofreading & Translations, K International, Knockhundred Translations, Language Line, LST Bookings, Prime Production and Translation World.

Track record for Polish translation and interpreting services

I regularly carry out work for companies, government agencies and private individuals in Dover, Canterbury, AshfordMargate and Folkestone and will travel as far as London, if required.


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English-Polish interpreter available in Kent and Greater Londonalt=""

Experienced in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, I offer my services as a face-to-face interpreter for large and small companies, in formal as well as informal settings. I mainly work during normal office hours but can also be available during the weekend or for evening assignments. I usually work in the Kent area and London.

As a member of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters, I am a qualified and experienced interpreter at court hearings as well as a police interpreter.

Certified English-Polish document translation services for UK use

I provide certified translations of many different documents, including:

  • Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates,
  • Academic Qualifications,
  • Work References,
  • CRB Checks,
  • and other Official Documents for Business or Private Clients.

I offer a same-day service for one-page certificates like marriage, birth or death certificates in the UK. This means carrying out and sending the certified translation the same day I receive your document(s) and instructions.

I can provide sworn or notarized translations for use in the UK. For certified translation requirements in Poland, please click here.

Polish translation services rates

My charges for translating general documents from English to Polish start at £80 per 1000 words (£0.08 per word)

For the translation and certification of documents for official use within the UK, I charge around £90 per 1000 words (£0.09 per word). However, should the original document have a low word count my minimum fee of currently £30 applies.

Interpreting rates

My hourly rate as an English-Polish interpreter is £50. This rate applies to assignments from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 6 pm. Interpreting work outside of these days and hours and on bank holidays will be charged at £75 per hour.

A minimum charge applies to all assignments: three hours at the appropriate rate.

Please note that the above hourly interpreting rates do not include travel time and travel costs. My charge for travel time is £30 per hour. I invoice £0.50 per mile for car travel to and from an assignment.

Clients cancelling a booking up to 24 hours before an assignment will incur a cancellation fee of £50.

How to obtain a quote

To receive a free quote for my services as an English-Polish translator and interpreter, please email me the document which needs to be translated. For interpreting work, please specify your needs such as envisaged hours, subject, place of assignment etc.

While my preferred method of payment is a direct bank transfer, I also accept cheques.

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