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English to Italian translator, UK

My name is Simona Negroni, freelance English-Italian translator. I provide not only English-Italian translations but also work as an interpreter and language consultant. I am a qualified professional language translator, based in the UK. My mother tongue is Italian but due to my residency within the UK, English has become my language of habitual use.

My clients include private clients as well as small and medium-sized businesses and companies (B2B). I translate many different document types.

I mainly provide English to Italian and Italian to English translation services. However, I also offer Spanish, French, Portuguese and German into Italian translation services.

I have been an active member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) for some years and an associate member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting since 2006. Furthermore, I belong to SUBTLE – The Subtitlers’ Association in the UK.

Holding a Master’s degree in Technical Translation as well as the Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists has given me a solid background in translation. Combined with my long-term work experience as an independent translator and interpreter, this allows me to understand the language needs of my clients and to provide a customised professional service according to their individual needs.

To read some of my clients’ testimonials, please scroll down the page.

Simona Negroni providing English-Italian translations

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Freelance English-Italian translations, UK

Types of English or Italian documents I regularly translate for commerce and industry as well as private clients:

  • Marketing texts (brochures, flyers, advertisement)
  • Business communication
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Official documents and certificates (certified translations)
  • CVs
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Manufacturer’s manuals
  • Tourist guides, audio guides, tourist brochures and catalogues
  • Scientific and medical articles
  • Medical/hospital records and reports
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS, software and video games
  • Corporate videos, training videos, documentaries or films (subtitling or voice-over)
  • and many other documents that need to be translated.

The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive.

If you have an English-Italian document translation request or want to learn more about my interpreting services, please contact me through the contact form or via email or telephone. This will give us the chance to discuss how I can help you.

I specialise in English to Italian translations in the following fields:

  • marketing translations
  • business translations
  • scientific and medical translations
  • tourism and arts translations
  • localisation (websites, apps, software, video games etc.) of online and printed content
  • audiovisual translations

As an interpreter, I offer services such as:

  • public service interpreting (medical and legal) and
  • business interpreting (meetings, training, presentations, client visits, factory visits, trade shows, etc.) both face-to-face and over the phone.

These are my main specialist fields (and my passions!). However, I also cover other areas of specialisation, so please do not hesitate to contact me and enquire. I will be happy to answer all your queries regarding English to Italian translation of documents.

Certified Italian-English translations

I offer certified Italian to English document translations. Certified translations are usually requested when presenting translations of official documents such as diplomas, birth/marriage/divorce certificates, bank statements, police clearance for visa/immigration requirements to authorities outside of the country the original document was issued in.

The process takes approximately 2-3 working days.

Please see below a list of documents, I usually provide certified Italian-English translations for:

  • Passports, ID cards, Driving Licenses
  • Police Clearance, CRBs
  • Diplomas, Academic Transcripts
  • Bank Statements
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Reference Letters
  • Medical Reports
  • Insurance Letters
  • Affidavits

Rates for certified Italian-English translations

My minimum charge for one-page certificates is £40 for the first page and £30 for each additional page, providing they are part of the same translation job.
Translation rates for longer certificates range from £50 to £120, depending on the volume of text.
The additional charge for legalisation by a solicitor is in the region of £25.

Other Italian-English translation service providers

Should I not be able to supply you with the translation service you require, please try my colleague Giulia Bancheri. She lives in Italy and provides freelance English-Italian certified translations for use in Italy and the UK.

English-Italian translation services rates, UK

Now… rates!

English-Italian translations are usually charged per word or per thousand words in the UK.

Translation rates vary as prices depend on numerous factors such as: how specialised or “difficult” your text is, the format of the file provided (usually PDF are more expensive to translate than simpler Word documents, because of the formatting involved), the deadline given, whether certification is required etc.

Translation agencies typically charge higher rates than freelance translators like me. Independent language translators can offer more competitive translation rates, because they have significantly lower overheads. They also offer a more personalised customer service to the end client. This is thanks to the more direct and personal relationship that is created between the client and the independent translator, as they will be your only point of contact throughout the project, without any unnecessary intermediaries or middlemen involved.

Considering what I have mentioned above, I usually charge per 1,000 words or per hour. Charging an hourly rate can sometimes prove to be more cost-effective, depending on the needs of the client. Below, you’ll find some indications of my standard rates for English-Italian translations. Please note that these are a rough guide only. I will confirm the translation rate applicable to your specific English or Italian document with you, once I have seen the source document and understand exactly what you are looking for.

Standard translation rates for English-Italian translation services

My standard rate per 1,000 words ranges between £80 and £120. For small job, the minimum charge is £40. This is negotiable, though, for extremely small jobs.

Certified English-Italian translations

My minimum charge for one-page certificates is £40 for the first page, £30 for subsequent pages, providing they are part of the same translation job.
Translation rates for longer certificates range from £50 to £120, depending on the total volume of the document.
The extra charge for legalisation by a solicitor is in the region of £25.

Translation rates for my other language pairs

The above rates apply to my English to Italian translation services. Please contact me for further details, if you are interested in one of my other language combinations: Portuguese, Spanish, French and German into Italian. Rates may vary slightly.

Requests for quotations and payment options

Requesting a quotation

If you would like a formal quote, please remember to include in your email the document you are looking to have translated from English, German, Spanish, French or Portuguese into Italian. Please also indicate when you would need the translation for. I will do my best to provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line or to contact me on the phone or through the contact form if you have any further queries. I’ll be happy to help if you’d like more information on the English-Italian translations or interpreting services I offer or if you just want to know how I can help you and your business go multilingual and, hence, opening up to the globalised world…

Payment options

I will send you an invoice together with the translation.

Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, which is my preferred method of payment. If you send your payment from outside the UK, please make sure that you pay all bank charges arising and that the amount credited to my account fully covers the invoiced amount.

You can also pay via PayPal. In this case I will need to add 3% to my invoice to cover the PayPal charges when transferring incoming funds into my UK bank account.

I recommend the use of TransferWise (‎) for payments from outside the UK as their exchange rates are competitive and their charges are considerably lower than those made by banks.


What clients have said about me and my work.

“Grazie mille. Molto gentile e veloce, proprio come richiesto. Chiederò ancora a lei se avrò bisogno in un futuro e le farò pubblicità se qualcuno mi chiede. Buona giornata. 

Cordiali saluti”

Monica Del Nero

Certified translation of a criminal record certificate

“Thank you Simona for your excellent work!”

Nadine Chadier – Accent Languages

Press release translation for The National Gallery, London, UK

“We’re very thankful for your translation services! If we have additional work we will certainly contact you.”

Chris Brown – JRT Studio

App Localisation project, UK

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