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Giulia Bancheri MA MCIL ASETRAD

Over the last 20 years, I have provided English-Italian freelance translations as well as proof-reading and editing services to businesses and private clients all over the world. I also offer certified and sworn translations from English and Spanish into Italian. My areas of specialisation include legal, audiovisual, marketing and books (fiction and non-fiction). I am based in Gorizia (Italy).

In addition to the above, I have lectured undergraduate and master courses in translation (modules: audiovisual, law, technical-scientific) at the Università degli Studi di Udine (Italy) over a period of 10 years.


In 1995 I obtained the Ba (Hons) in Translation (English and Spanish into Italian) from the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori, Università degli Studi di Trieste in Italy. I also hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation from the Universidad de Valencia (Spain). What is more, I have a Master’s degree in Legal Translation from the Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche, del Linguaggio, dell’Interpretazione e della Traduzione, Università degli Studi di Trieste.

I have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Asociación Española de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes (ASETRAD) since 2009.

Giulia Bancheri, providing English-Italian freelance translations, Italy

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Via Sauro 18, 34170 Gorizia, Italy

(+39) 349-7570785




English-Italian freelance translations for businesses and private clients

While I cover a wide variety of subjects, I specialise in the following subject areas:

Legal documents

I have translated European Parliament verbatim reports of proceedings, agreements, disclaimers, letters of intent, licenses, powers of attorney, wills. Furthermore, I provide sworn translations from English to Italian. Documents I have tranlsated in the past include death, birth, marriage, divorce and police clearance certificates, as well as certificates of studies, school leavers’ certificates and more.


Subtitling: Cueing, translation and QC of commercial projects, series, shorts and feature films, documentaries for film festivals and DVDs. I am an experienced user of dedicated software.

Dubbing and voice-over: I carry out script and dialogue translation not only for cinema (feature films, documentaries) but also for TV programmes such as sitcoms, reality shows and series.


Documents I have translated include surveys, press kits, brochures, house organs, memos, POS material, product specifications, websites as well as training manuals.

Fiction and non-fiction books and specialised articles

I have experience in translating comic books, children’s books, art catalogues, music books, cinema catalogues, art and architecture as well as educational material from English to Italian.

Examples of English to Italian translations undertaken


  • Priya’s Shakti, Ram Devineni, www.priyashakti.com, 2016.
  • Lo specchio di Priya, Ram Devineni, www.priyashakti.com, 2016


  • L’infanzia di domani, Riane Eisler, Udine, Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese, 2016.
  • La vera ricchezza delle nazioni, Riane Eisler, Udine, Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese, 2015.
  • Friulians in Canada, Sarah Rolfe Prodan, Udine, Forum Editrice Universitaria Udinese, 2014 (co-author).
  • Nelson – Manuale di pediatria, R.M. Kliegman, K.J. Marcdante, H.B. Jenson, R.E. Behrman, Philadelphia, Elsevier-Saunders, 2012 (co-author).
  • Compass, Global MS Nurse Journal, Berkshire, Compass Editor, 2007.
  • Censored Project. Le 25 notizie più censurate, Bologna, Nuovi Mondi Media, 2007 (co-author).
  • Il Sole nella Chiesa, John L. Heilbron, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, 2005 (co-author).
  • Elisabetta Sirani. Una virtuosa del Seicento bolognese, Adelina Modesti, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, 2004 ((co-author).
  • Esempi di buona pratica locale per la creazione di occupazione nel settore della pesca, Progetto Faro, European Commission Directorate-General XIV-Fisheries, December 2000.
  • R.E.M., Carlos Monty, Valencia, La Máscara, 1995.
  • Bob Marley, Carlos Monty, Valencia, La Máscara, 1995.


  • 6 opere di Jonas Mekas, Lucca, Ragghianti Foundation, October 2008.
  • Rassegna, International Review of Contemporary Architecture, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, December 2007 (miscellaneous articles).
  • Opera Progetto, OP/4, International Review of Contemporary Architecture, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, June 2007 (miscellaneous articles).
  • Michael Snow. Cinema, installazioni video e arti visuali, Lucca, Fondazione Ragghianti, 2007.
  • Fotografia e architettura del Movimento moderno. La collezione Alberto Sartoris, Lucca, Ragghianti Foundation, 2006.
  • Rassegna, International Review of Contemporary Architecture, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, March 2006 (miscellaneous articles).
  • Luk, six-monthly review of art and architecture by the Ragghianti Foundation, Lucca, no. 6, January-June 2005 (miscellaneous articles).
  • Opera Progetto, OP/3, International Review of Contemporary Architecture, Bologna, Editrice Compositori, May 2005 (miscellaneous articles).

Certified English-Italian freelance translations, ItalyEnglish-Italian flags

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), I can provide English-Italian certified translations. Certification consists of a certificate of accuracy duly stamped and signed by me.

But I can also offer you English-Italian sworn translations. Sworn (notarised) translations for use by Italian authorities must follow a special procedure. This includes submission to the relevant Italian Court of Justice. If you need a sworn translation of an official document in Italy, please contact me for more details.

Please check with the organisation requiring the translation of your documents as to which type of certification you need.

I have provided sworn English-Italian freelance translations of the following official documents:

  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Police clearance certificates (CRBs)
  • Certificates of studies (high schools and universities)
  • School leavers’ certificates
  • University diplomas
  • ID cards, passports, driving licenses
  • Apostilles

UK translators providing sworn Spanish-English or Italian-English translations

Please contact our Italian-English translator, Simona Negroni, should you need certified, sworn or notarised translations from Italian to English for use by UK authorities or employers. For Spanish-English certified, notarised or sworn translations, please speak to Ana Ricca, Iolante’s Spanish-English translator who lives in the UK.

English-Italian translation services rates, Italy

My minimum rate is € 40 (texts with fewer than 250 words).

If the project exceeds € 40, I will charge based on word count of the original document. Translation rates usually depend on many factors. Please read Iolante’s detailed article on translation services rate calculation.

My standard rate per word ranges from € 0.09 to € 0.14.

Certified English-Italian freelance translations

I charge certified translations at € 35 per page (1500 characters including spaces max.).

Sworn English-Italian freelance translations

Sworn translations are priced as follows: € 40 per page of the original English or Italian language document plus one revenue stamp every 4 pages (€ 16 per stamp). In addition, there is a fee of € 60, which covers the time spent in the Court of Justice to carry out all the necessary procedures.

Quotations for English-Italian freelance translations and payment options

Requesting a quotation

To receive a free quote, please email me the document which needs to be translated.

Payment options

I usually enclose an invoice with the translated document.

My preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer. If you send your payment from outside Italy, please make sure that you pay all monetary transaction costs arising and that the amount credited to my account covers the invoiced amount.

It was a pleasure working with Ms. Giulia Bancheri on the translation of the international comic book series, Priya’s Shakti and Priya’s Mirror which was funded by the World Bank. She did a beautiful and poetic translation and understood the delicate and intricate cultural nuances in the languages. Equally important she addressed complex social issues and helped bring attention to the problem of gender based violence through her translations.

Ram Devineni, Founder & President of Rattapallax, Inc.

As general editor of the academic series ALL of our University of Udine Press, I have personally and very closely worked with Giulia Bancheri for some of our most important published translations from English. She is a reliable, conscientious, sensitive and excellent translator, with a fine ear not only to the meaning but also to the rhythm of the texts she translates. Riane Eisler, the author she was recently translating for us, complimented her for the high quality of her work in the author’s acknowledgments of the Italian editions of the texts.

Antonella Riem, Professor of English Literature and Language, Editor in chief of the series ALL (Forum Editrice Universitara, Udine, Italy), Director of the Department of Languages and Literatures, Communication, Education and Society, Pro-vice Chancellor International, University of Udine.

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