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B. Akaak BA

My name is B. Akaak. I provide English-Arabic translations. I translate English to Arabic documents relating to human rights, IT, advertisements, refugees, politics, tourism and general business. In addition, I offer English-Arabic interpretation services and language tuition.

I am a native speaker of modern standard Arabic and am fully proficient in formal Arabic and Middle Eastern accents. English is my second language. My command of English is to professional standard. I am currently based in Istanbul, Turkey, close to Sultanahmet Tram Station.

A Syrian national, I moved from Syria to Dubai in 2011. While living there for 2 years, I carried out many English-Arabic translation and interpretation jobs. In 2013, I relocated to Istanbul, Turkey, and I’ve lived here ever since.



Education and qualifications

I completed a five-year bachelor degree course in Information Technology Engineering at Kalamoon University, Damascus in 2011. Currently, I translate and interpret English-Arabic for many NGOs in Istanbul that work with Syrian refugees. Moreover, I teach Arabic and English part-time.

I also have a TEFL certificate.

I am an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

B Akaak providing English-Arabic translations, Turkey

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Taksim Square, İstanbul - Turkey



Freelance English-Arabic translation services

I offer Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations of numerous types of documents including:

  • product information
  • company information
  • advertisements
  • legal agreements
  • commercial websites
  • speeches and presentations
  • information technology
  • human rights
  • refugees crisis and stories
  • personal documents

Arabic-English interpreting services in Istanbul and worldwide

I am available as an English interpreter for people who would like to speak with Arabic speakers in Turkey or online anywhere in the world.

My charges are very competitive. Please check the translation rates page for details.

Learning Arabic in Istanbul

If you ask yourself why learning Arabic is a good idea, consider the following facts:

Arabic is the sole official language in 14 countries, co-official language in another 11 and spoken by parts of the population in many more countries around the world. The Arabic language is one of the United Nations’ official languages. At least 1 billion people worldwide have some knowledge of the language, either knowing the alphabet or how to have a basic conversation.

Muslims around the world have a basic understanding of the language, as the language of the Qura’an (the holy book of Islam) is Arabic (classical Arabic). The Arabic language has a rich heritage and history which is full of amazing stories and events. Last but not least, over the centuries Arabic has been influential in music, science, culture and the arts.

Reasons for learning Arabic

The Middle East is a hot topic and features in headlines on TV and in newspapers every day and all around the world. Due to the current political turmoil raging in the region, learning Arabic is an absolute must if you:

  1. are planning to work with a local or foreign NGO, with other public institutions or for private companies operating in the region and if you’re not from the region yourself.
  2. are going to visit an Arab country.
  3. would like to improve the impact of your resume by adding Arabic linguistic skills. This could be useful, for example, when being provided with a job opportunity in one of the rich Arab gulf states or any other country where Arab is the dominant language.
  4. are living in an Arabic-speaking country or in a country where a significant part of the population is Arabic speaking (such as Turkey).
  5. would like to understand the Qura’an, undertake religious research or wish to understand Muslim societies better.
  6. are planning to work in the diplomatic service in the future or may be asked to represent your country in an Arab country.

Experienced Arabic language teacher

If you want to learn or improve your knowledge of Arabic due to one of these or any other reason, I’d like to assist you as much as I can. There are many Arabic accents spoken all over the Middle East. This makes teaching and learning Arabic quite a challenge, and if the teacher is not familiar with the various accents, there is a danger that you are going to end up using the wrong learning path.

That’s why I tell each of my potential students to take the path most suitable for their intentions and objectives for learning the Arabic language.

Based in Istanbul, I teach individual and group lessons anywhere within the European side of Istanbul. There is no need for you to commute to learn Arabic. I will teach at your home, place of work or any other place of your choice.

If you would like more information about me, please contact me with your requirements. I will then send you my full CV.

My fees depend on your chosen location and the number of hours required. We can discuss the details at your convenience.

Happy learning!

English-Arabic Interpreting services

I am available for English-Arabic interpreting services in the Istanbul area in person.

I can also provide interpreting services between English and Arabic using Skype or per telephone for people anywhere in the world.

Previous interpreting assignments

Please find below two examples of the sort of interpreting assignments I get booked for.

  • Dr Gerard, a Polish company, employed me to  interpret at a meeting between a businessman who works for that company and a Libyan businessman in Istanbul 3 hours.
  • Frederic Wehrey, a senior researcher from “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” hired me to interpret English-Arabic and Arabic-English for 2 or 3 hours during a meeting between the researcher and a Libyan politician in Istanbul.

Freelance English-Arabic transcription services

I offer Arabic-English transcription services. Please find below some examples of work undertaken:

  • Transcription and help picking the best shots from interviews with displaced people in Iraq. The final cut was a video published by UNICEF. Click here to watch it. Vignette Interactive, the company producing the video, hired me for one working day in Istanbul.
  • Vignette Interactive also employed me for a second day to transcribe interviews and help picking the best shots from interviews between the cast team members of Game of Thrones and Syrian refugees in the camps in Greece. The video was published by the IRC (International Rescue Committee). Click here to watch it.
  • I also worked as a transcriber / documentary editing assistant for Vignette in Istanbul,Turkey, on the following project:

    – Transcription of 30 hours of interviews with Syrian women, Arabic/English.
    – Documentary video editing assistance, subtitles and graphics.
    – Arabic-English interpreting during the making of the documentary.
    – Facilitating connections with the Syrian community in Istanbul.

    This documentary has not been released to the public yet.

Prices for English-Arabic transcription services

I charge around $40 per hour for transcription work.

English-Arabic translation services rates

When setting my rates for freelance Arabic-English and English-Arabic translations I have to take into account not only the amount of words in the text but also a multitude of other factors, including:

  • How complex is your text?
  • What level of technical expertise is required?
  • Does the document need a lot of formatting?
  • Is it available in an editable format?
  • How quickly do you need it?

My charges are in the region of $50 per 1000 words of translation.

Please note that the fees may be less or more, depending on many factors. For example, if you’re going to hire me for one day/week/month, the fees differ accordingly. Contact me with what you need, and I’ll send you a quote.

Rates for English-Arabic interpreting services

Generally, my fees are $40 per hour for interpreting services.

English-Arabic transcription services rates

I charge around $40 per hour for transcription services.

Payment Options

In most cases I will enclose an invoice with the translated document.

Paypal no longer operates in Turkey. Therefore  I prefer Transferwise.com or IBAN bank transfer for payments from outside of Istanbul. For payments from within Istanbul, I accept cash (any currency) or local bank transfer. I’ll send you my Istanbul bank account details when needed.

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