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Liz Stephens BA (Hons) MITI MCIL Dip Ling

About me

I have been providing freelance Danish-English translations since 1998. I also offer Danish-English certified translation services for private clients and businesses.

English is my mother tongue, and I am a qualified member of both the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the ITI.

Translation experience

Before becoming a freelance translator in 1998, I worked for Scandinavian Seaways. While there, I was often involved in translation work, and I used my languages which at that time included German. Although I do have qualifications and work experience in French and German, I prefer to use Danish for translation work as I have more experience in translating and working with Danish. I have been using Danish consistently for over thirty years.

Qualifications and membership of professional bodies

In addition to being a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the ITI I have a BA degree (Upper second) in Scandinavian Studies from University College London and an honours degree in French.

For my Scandinavian degree I studied Danish as my main language, and I spent one year at the Nordic Institute in Aarhus, Denmark. I often return to Aarhus in order to brush up my skills and maintain my language. What is more, I have attended workshops at the Aarhus Business School.

Continuous Professional Development

I maintain my language and translations skills by attending workshops both in England and in Denmark. Within the last five years I have attended a workshop related to the translation of contracts held by Sprogseminar in Denmark. I also visit Denmark regularly in order to keep my language skills up to date.

Liz Stephens offering Danish-English translations

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Independent Danish-English translations offered

I translate several subject areas. My main subject areas for Danish-English translation services include:

  • Shipping – I have worked for Decca Radar and Scandinavian Seaways, and within the past five years I have translated documents for DFDS.
  • Water sports – I enjoy water sports, particularly sailing, therefore I am happy to translate documents relating to sailing and other water sports. I have sailed both in England and Denmark.
  • Business, general and marketing – I worked full-time for commercial companies in the past, and I have translated several documents relating to this area.
  • Theology – I have interpreted and translated for this subject area. What is more, I am an active member of both the Church of England and the Danish Church.
  • IT – my husband is a retired IT consultant, and I have therefore been involved with this subject area since the 1980s.
  • Popular science and animal welfare – I enjoy these subject areas, and I am very happy to take on work relating to these areas.
  • Travel – I have travelled extensively in Denmark. I have translated several documents relating to tourism, including brochures for cycling holidays.
  • Songs

Danish-English certified translation services

Very often official documents need to be translated and then certified by the translator who carried out the Danish-English translation to confirm the accuracy of the translation.

These documents include: birth certificates, wedding certificates, divorce certificates etc. This process is called ‘certification’.

As a qualified translator, I can certify translations of official documents that I have translated for use in the UK. For further information on the subject of certification please visit our detailed step-by-step guide to the certification process elsewhere on this website.

Danish-English translation rates

My prices for Danish-English translation services are negotiable. Much depends on complexity of the text and details such as the format of the document. I charge more for non-editable format. On average my rates start from GBP 0.08 per word in editable format and GBP 0.09 per word in non-editable format.

In Danish kroner my translation rates start from DKK 1 per word in editable format and DKK 1.5 per word in non-editable format. My minimum price in UK sterling and Danish kroner is: GBP 30 and DKK 300.

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