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Liz Stephens BA (Hons) MITI MCIL Dip Ling

About me

I have been providing freelance Danish-English translations since 1998. My specialist subjects include shipping, water sports, business and travel. I also offer Danish-English certified translation services for private clients and businesses in the UK.

English is my mother tongue, and I am a qualified member of both the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the ITI.

Translation experience

Before becoming a freelance translator in 1998, I worked for Scandinavian Seaways. While there, I was often involved in Danish-English translation work, and I used my languages which at that time included German. Although I do have qualifications and work experience in French and German, I prefer to use Danish for translation work as I have more experience in translating and working with Danish. I have been using Danish consistently for over thirty years.

Qualifications and membership of professional bodies

In addition to being a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the ITI I have a BA degree (Upper second) in Scandinavian Studies from University College London and an honours degree in French.

For my Scandinavian degree I studied Danish as my main language, and I spent one year at the Nordic Institute in Aarhus, Denmark. I often return to Aarhus in order to brush up my skills and maintain my language. What is more, I have attended workshops at the Aarhus Business School.

Continuous Professional Development

I maintain my language and translation skills by attending workshops both in England and in Denmark. Within the last five years I have attended a workshop related to the translation of contracts held by Sprogseminar in Denmark. I also visit Denmark regularly in order to keep my language skills up to date.

Liz Stephens offering Danish-English translations

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Independent Danish-English translations offered

I translate several subject areas. My main subject areas for Danish-English translation services include:

  • Shipping – I have worked for Decca Radar and Scandinavian Seaways, and within the past five years I have translated documents for DFDS.
  • Water sports – I enjoy water sports, particularly sailing, therefore I am happy to translate documents relating to sailing and other water sports. I have sailed both in England and Denmark.
  • Business, general and marketing – I worked full-time for commercial companies in the past, and I have translated several documents relating to this area.
  • Theology – I have interpreted and translated for this subject area. What is more, I am an active member of both the Church of England and the Danish Church.
  • IT – my husband is a retired IT consultant, and I have therefore been involved with this subject area since the 1980s.
  • Popular science and animal welfare – I enjoy these subject areas, and I am very happy to take on work relating to these areas.
  • Travel – I have travelled extensively in Denmark. I have translated several documents relating to tourism, including brochures for cycling holidays.
  • Songs

Certified Danish-English translation services

Very often official documents need to be translated and then certified. More often than not, the translator who carried out the translation can confirm the accuracy of the translation by attaching an appropriate certificate.

These documents include birth certificates, wedding certificates, divorce certificates etc. This process is called ‘certification’.

As a qualified translator, I can certify translations of official documents that I have translated from Danish to English for use in the UK. For further information on the subject of certification please visit our detailed step-by-step guide to the certification process elsewhere on this website.

Danish-English translation rates

My prices for Danish-English translation services are negotiable. Much depends on the complexity of the text and details such as the format of the document. I charge more for non-editable formats. On average my rates start from GBP 0.08 per word in editable format and GBP 0.09 per word in non-editable format.

In Danish kroner my translation rates start from DKK 1 per word in editable format and DKK 1.5 per word in non-editable format. My minimum price for Danish-English translations is GBP 30 (for UK clients) and DKK 300 (for clients based in Denmark).




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