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Andrew Christie MCIL DipTrans

About me

My experience as a Chinese translator and interpreter

A full member of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists, I worked and studied in China from 2010 to 2017. During this time I spent several years at the China-Britain Business Council and the British Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. While working there I specialised in copywriting and business communications such as press releases, speeches and media articles.

Since 2017 I have been providing professional Chinese to English translation services. As a freelance translator and business interpreter, my clients include companies, agencies and private individuals around the UK. Being based in Merseyside means that I am within travelling distance of Liverpool, Chester and Manchester.

By working with a native English speaker you can be assured of polished, idiomatic prose and clarity of expression. This means that you can use the translation immediately without the need for further in-house revision.

Language qualifications for Chinese-English

I hold the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ benchmark qualification, the Diploma in Translation (2010), as well as a master’s degree in Mandarin-English Interpreting and Translation, awarded with distinction, from the University of Nottingham (2013). As a former in-house translator at a successful UK agency and a Chinese publishing company, I also bring years of practical translation experience to my work.

Shu Zhang providing English to Chinese translations and interpreting services

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Wirral, Merseyside, UK

+44 (0)07400 546 460


Chinese-English translations

I undertake Chinese to English translation services for companies, agencies and private individuals, dealing with a range of subjects. I work mainly in the commercial field and deal with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. This means I can accommodate your needs whether your contacts are in mainland China (simplified script) or in Hong Kong or Taiwan (traditional).

Areas I specialise in include:

  • Business communications incl. email correspondence, market research etc.
  • Education
  • Energy/Environment
  • Legal agreements
  • Marketing
  • Medicine/Pharmaceuticals
  • Metallurgy
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Technical (manufacturing, engineering sectors)

I also offer certified translations from Chinese to English for use in the UK.

Proofreading and editing services

I can also perform proofreading and editing in subject areas which I know well. Please ask for details.

Chinese (Mandarin) interpreting services

I work as a Mandarin-English-interpreter for business meetings, factory visits and in other commercial and community settings. My assignments tend to be in the Liverpool, Wirral and Chester area.

I offer consecutive interpretation (in which the translation is given after the speaker has finished his passage) rather than simultaneous interpretation.

Recent assignments have included interpreting at business meetings between UK companies and a Chinese government delegation. I was also engaged as a Chinese-English interpreter for an opening ceremony at a China-themed art exhibition. Furthermore, I interpreted at a metal-making factory for a team of visiting Chinese engineers, which included shop-floor training and boardroom discussions.

Chinese-English translation and interpreting rates

As an individual freelancer, I offer competitive rates to businesses without translation agency surcharges. My rates are negotiable according to the nature of the assignment and the subject matter in question. Generally speaking I can offer discounts for straightforward (i.e. non-technical) texts.

Email or phone me with your requirements and I will be happy to provide a fixed quote. Quotes are given per thousand Chinese characters (for written translation) or per hour or day (for Mandarin-English interpreting).

Payment options

I accept UK bank transfers. Payment terms are 30 days from the date of completion. I do not charge VAT as I am below the registration minimum.

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