Freelance Translators’ Directory

Find a qualified translator in your desired language combination in our freelance translators’ directory.

This translators’ directory gives you direct access to translators in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. Please click on the flags for your required language pair. For the UK translators’ directory, freelance translators who translate English to other languages are listed first. Below the line, you’ll find those translators who translate from a foreign source language into English as the target language. Further down, the directory lists freelance translators based in other countries.

Freelance translators in other countries (various language pairs)

Iolante translators’ qualifications and/or experience

Which qualifications and experience do we expect our freelance translators to have?


First of all, Iolante freelance translators have obtained degree level language qualifications, many also hold degree level qualifications in another subject. 

What is more, most of our translators have post-graduate qualifications, such as the Diploma in Translation or an MA in Translation.


Our freelance translators have not only been translating for at least 5 years, they are also members of at least one professional translators’ association. Membership is either in their country of residence and/or in the country of their second language.

As well as proving qualification, translators’ associations have codes of conduct which we expect our translators to adhere to.

Translation competence

The European quality standard EN-15038 has published criteria individuals must fulfil to prove translation competence.

In accordance with these guidelines, we expect Iolante translators to have acquired translation competence by one or more of the following routes:

  • Having participated in advanced translation studies (and obtained a recognised qualification);
  • Having obtained an equivalent qualification in a different subject of specialisation plus no less than two years’ documented translation experience;
  • Being able to document a minimum of five years’ professional experience in translation.

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