Spanish certification rules

How does a freelance translator become entitled to certify translations in Spain?

Spanish certification rules applying to translated official documents for use within Spain are very strict.

In fact, there are only two ways to become authorised to translate official documents and certify the translated document in Spain:

  1. A translator must pass the Ministry of the Exterior’s “Traductor jurado” examination which takes place once a year in Madrid – or –
  2. A translator must obtain a degree in translation, specialising in legal translations.

How do I find a translator who complies with the Spanish translation certification rules?

Unfortunately, our German-Spanish translator who lives in Spain is not entitled to provide certified translations according to Spanish translation certification rules. However, he or other Spanish translators, such as our English-Spanish translator based in the UK, may be able to translate official certificates for use in Spain or the UK, in cases when a simple self-certified translation is all that’s required. This type of certified translation may sufficient for use by non-governmental bodies such as employers.

We also have a Spanish-Italian translator who lives in Italy. She would be able to supply you with certified Spanish to Italian translations for use within Italy.

The Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación) provides a list of certified translators who are entitled to supply certified translations for government use in Spain. Please find the link to the appropriate pdf on this page:—Intérpretes-Juradosas.aspx .

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