Rules for certifying translated documents for use in Romania

Romania applies very strict rules for certifying documents translated from a foreign language into Romanian. Indeed, the rules state that all translations of documents undertaken for official use need to be notarised. Article 152 of the Notaries Public Act 36/1995 prescribes the process of notarisation in Romania.

Romanian certification rules which govern the notarisation process

Art. 152 of the Notaries Public Act lays down these rules:

(1) Only an authorised translator as defined by the governing law can carry out a certified translation. Having translated the document in question, he must sign the declaration certificate. The notary will then certify the translator’s signature. The translator’s signature can also be certified by a specimen signature filed with that Notary’s office in advance. There is one only exception to this procedure: if the notary public authorised in this respect carried out the translations himself.

(2) When translating from Romanian into a foreign language, or from a foreign language into another foreign language, strict rules apply.

  1. The translator must certify the translation in the Romanian language.
  2. The notary must provide the certification of the translator’s signature in Romanian.
  3. a) The translator must certify the document in question. b) The notary’s certification of the translator’s signature must also be carried out for the foreign language the document was translated into.

How to get Romanian documents translated and certified for use in other countries

You may need a translation of a Romanian official document into another language for use in a different country. There are many documents that may need a certified translation when authority abroad request them. Such texts include marriage, school or university certificates or employers’ references. In this case, the certification rules for that country apply. The Romanian certification rules as laid out above only apply to documents for use within Romania.

In comparison, UK certification rules are much more relaxed. So please contact our Romanian translator to find out how she can help you with your UK translation requirements.

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