Poland is one of the European countries which has sworn translators. Polish translation certification rules therefore differ from those applying in the UK.

To comply with Polish translation certification rules, a translator must pass a rigorous state examination at the Polish Ministry of Justice. After passing this exam they can call themselves English to Polish or Polish to English legal translator. The exam ensures the high level of legal and linguistic competency needed for legal translations. (Apparently, only 20% of examinees pass the first time!) Once a translator has successfully passed this exam, they will be entitled to use an official round seal for certification purposes.

In Poland, government authorities and courts always demand certified translations of official documents to comply with Polish translation certification rules. In contrast, Polish law does not require businesses and other organisations to use a sworn translator. However, they often prefer to use a legal translator because it gives them more confidence in the resulting translations.

To find a Polish sworn translator you can visit the website of the Polish Ministry of Justice. They have a database of suitably qualified translators. Users can search the database of sworn Polish translators and interpreters by family name, type of the required translation, city and language pair.

Polish translation certification rules do not apply to documents needed for the UK

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Anna Dobson

In contrast to the rules that apply in Poland, in the UK it is mostly sufficient to provide authorities and employers with certified translations by a Polish translator resident in the UK. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists or the ITI, UK translators can self-certify their translations.

Occasionally, translators may have to obtain notarization from a notary public, even for UK use. It is also possible to obtain sworn translations in the UK. However, these types of certification are not required very often. Our English-Polish translator will be happy to help you with certified document translations from Polish to English for use in the UK.

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