Website translation and localisation

What website translation can look like

The Iolante home page translated into Italian (C) Iolante 2016

A well written, researched and designed website is essential to many businesses now. Professional website translation is therefore essential to safeguard this valuable asset. Experienced website translators will make sure that the translated site comes across just as well in the new language as it did in the original one. Website translation is a very fine art and requires not just good translation skills but also thorough background knowledge of the target country.

So why are businesses often tempted to cut corners when it comes to having their site translated into another language? Is this really the place to save money and neglect quality?

What skills does a translator need when translating and localising websites?

When translating a website, it goes without saying that grammar and spelling of the translated text need to be “just so”. What is more, it is essential to thoroughly research the terminology generally used on the net for the type of product or service the client is selling. After all, employing popular, widely used key words means that your site will be found by your customers using exactly those key words.

Our freelance translators have a thorough knowledge of the foreign culture/market you are trying to import to. So, if they believe that a certain marketing approach may not be popular in your intended export market they will contact you and make you aware of their

spanish translation of the Iolante home page

The Iolante home page in Spanish (C) Iolante 2016

reservations. You can then make a decision on how you would like to proceed. A slightly changed, localised, page may lead to best results.

Our freelance translators will use their skills to make sure that your translated website works at least as hard and efficiently as your original web presence.

Please visit our page on Search Engine Optimisation for foreign language websites, for tips on how to maximize impact of your site abroad.

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