Summarising foreign language documents

Case scenarios

  • Having received an enquiry in a foreign language, you need to know urgently what it says – tomorrow or next week is not an option.The translator summarising the foreign language document there and then over the phone may give you all the details you need and be the ideal solution to your problem.
  • You have found a web page that seems to offer what you are looking for, but you are not 100% sure. Ask a translator to confirm what exactly the website is offering.
  • A foreign authority has asked you to fill in a form that is written in a language you are not very familiar with. Instruct your translator to tell you which parts of the form need to be filled in, what deadlines are to be met etc. Be sure to get it right. But don’t pay over the odds.

Immediate oral translation

Send your chosen translator the appropriate web link or a copy of the document whose content you need to understand. Let him know which information is most important to you (e.g. which fields in a form are required fields, is there a deadline by which a form has to be returned etc). After analysing the text, your translator will instantly give you a summary of its content over the phone. Armed with this information you can then decide whether you require a full written translation or whether this low-cost option of an oral summary is sufficient for your needs. Why pay more than necessary?

Written summary in the target language

If you prefer having things in writing, an Iolante translator can also produce a translated written summary of any document whose content you don’t need to know in detail but would prefer to have a record of. Iolante translators are there to make your life easier without costing the earth.

For all the other business support services Iolante translators can offer to assist you with solving problems based on language, please click here.

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