Establishing contact and trouble shooting

Establishing a connection with new customers

If people contact you in French, German or Italian, do you reply in English or in their own language?

How would you feel if you tried to communicate with a foreign company in your language, yet they reply in their language? People like to feel valued. Replying to potential clients in their own mother tongue – even if you only do this in the initial mail – will create a positive impression about your company even without that excellent product you’re selling.

And it won’t cost the earth.

Liaising with customers and trouble shooting

There is a client on the phone who has a complaint, but he finds it difficult to express his query in your native language?

Let one of our translators telephone the client on your behalf and find out exactly what the problem is and, possibly, how it could be rectified. A telephone call between people who speak the same language can often get to the bottom of queries much quicker and more efficiently than the most carefully devised and translated letter. And, once again: the customer will appreciate your thoughtfulness in trying to solve the problem.

Involving an impartial intermediary also takes the edge off the dialogue; and it is less time-consuming and therefore more cost-effective than embarking into lengthy written discussions.

Standing in for an employee who is on sick leave or holiday

Your only Italian/German/French/Spanish-speaking employee has just left, is sick or on holiday. You need temporary help? Call one of our independent translators to fill the gap! Most of them will be happy to assist you per telephone or email.

Business conference calls

You have a potential business partner abroad who does not speak your language, and you need to negotiate a deal or solve a problem with him. This will be so much easier to achieve during a conference call using a reliable, knowledgeable translator. As a language professional he will make sure that both of you get your points across and there are no misunderstandings, so that an agreeable solution can be found.

Get all the support you need from an experienced translator and interpreter.

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