Considering customer expectations

What customers expect and tolerate in marketing materials may vary greatly from country to country.

German readers, for example, expect far more detailed technical product information on websites and in product brochures than English readers. They may therefore be surprised and disappointed by the lack of information provided by a website originating in the UK.

We, therefore, recommend strongly that you research your target market before creating marketing materials for your target country.

Research competitors’ website contents

Analyse websites of your chosen country’s most prominent competitors and focus on what kind of information they provide and how detailed it is. Many websites are bilingual, some are multilingual. This can be extremely helpful when trying to ascertain how your product is being marketed in your target country. Alternatively, ask your Iolante translator to help you discover this kind of marketing information. Armed with this knowledge you can now adapt your text with your target country in mind, maximising its potential impact. Your translator will do the rest.

Some website owners may not want to go into such detail. However, at the very least, provide your chosen translator with website addresses of competitors in the country you are targeting. This will give him the opportunity to cross reference the appropriate vocabulary, quickly and efficiently.

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