Local legislation

It is advisable to research local legislation such as consumer legislation applicable in your target country to pinpoint vital differences.

In Britain, for example, the onus is placed on the consumer to minimise or exclude any risks associated with the purchase of goods in a due diligence process. Sellers must not attempt to conceal faults, however, they are not liable if a buyer later discovers a fault they had not noticed previously. When selling to or buying from foreign markets sellers must be aware that their transaction partners may be in a stronger or weaker legal position when it comes to defending their rights than is the case in the UK.

Let’s look at German law as a contrast. German rules are based on the principle that the buyer is not required to assess the goods in advance. According to ยง437 BGB (German Civil Code) the buyer may request subsequent fulfilment (repair or replacement). He may also withdraw from the contract, offer to pay a reduced purchase price or claim compensation from you.

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