Localisation – adapting documents and websites to a target audience

Localisation is product translation with the additional aspect of cultural adaptation – be it for specific target groups, regions or countries. The localisation process ensures that distinct local market conditions are being taken into account, so that target audiences receive the required (and expected) information in their preferred format. What is more, it’ll look into compliance with local laws, research the appropriate keywords and take into account cultural differences.

In short, localisation is a major consideration when translating software and websites.

Most of these issues will be taken into account by your Iolante translator as a matter of course, as localisation is part of our freelance translators’ standard service for business and commercial clients. However, it always pays to share with your translator your knowledge of your target market/clients. A translator is unlikely to know your specific target market as intricately as you may do. Especially,as you are likely to have experience in dealing with the country, have established trade partners or even know of competitors who are successful in the new market.

Therefore, before sending your document for translation, consider the following:

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