Providing translation services in many other specialist subjects

Providing freelance translation services is an occupation with many challenges. One of the challenges is the variety of translation requests our freelance translators receive. The only way an experienced translator can master the challenge of not only providing translations for their chosen specialist subject areas but also for many other specialist subjects, is the ability to quickly and efficiently familiarise themselves with new areas of specialisation, asking the right questions and being extremely versatile.

Good translators will, however, never take on a subject area if they are not confident that they can deliver a usable translation.

Please find below specialist subject areas that in our experience are top of business clients’ requirements.

There are many other specialist fields out there. If you are trying to find an experienced professional translator with certain specialisations, please visit our translators’ directory. If your chosen translator does not seem to offer the specialist subjects you are looking for, establish contact anyway. Looking at your text, they may decide that they can research the subject area on the Internet, if it is general enough. Alternatively, they may know someone within their network of freelance translators – in the UK or on the European mainland – who can provide exactly the translation service you need.

Apart from translation services, our freelance translators also offer bilingual business support in a number of productive and effective ways. This can save you time, stress and money by providing instant summaries of important texts over the phone, customer liaison and troubleshooting services.

Specialist Iolante translators

Some of our translators are more specialised than others.

Our English-Spanish translator, for example, specialises in finance and accounting. Simona Negroni, a native Italian speaker, is highly experienced in subtitling. International business and sustainable development is the specialist area of our English-Russian translator, Yulia Tsybysheva.

Some of our language specialists work as interpreters. To name but a few: Anna Dobson is a Polish-English specialist who covers Kent and Greater London. Shu Zhang is a Chinese interpreter. For Spanish-English interpreting services in Devon and Cornwall, contact Anna Ricca.

All our translators take on general translations and may specialise in more than one subject area. Please visit their pages for full details. For information on all our translators, please visit our translators’ directory.

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