Certified document translation services

Occasionally businesses need certified document translation services. Most often these are documents of a legal nature, such as sales contracts, cooperation agreements, property purchases or proof of Certified document translation services maybe needed for this documentemployee identity, references etc. Our experienced translators offer a highly efficient process for certified translations of these types of documents in their language pairs.

In fact, in the UK, translators who are members of a relevant professional body can supply self-certified document translation services. Self-certification confirms the translation’s accuracy and lists a translator’s credentials. However, there are no publicly sworn translators in the UK.

It is important to note that other countries have different rules. Please visit our certification pages for more information on certified, notarised and sworn document translation. These pages cover not only the UK but also rules in other European countries. The guide includes information on how translated documents may be certified in countries such as Austria, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, China, Romania and Germany.

Please find a step-by-step guide to the certification process here.

Certified UK document translations offered by Iolante translators

We have a number of qualified translators who offer certified translation services of documents which are required by UK authorities/employers.

Peter Bowen undertakes not only certified German to English translations but also Swedish and Norwegian document translation services. He is based in London. For certified Danish-English translations please contact Liz Stephens.

If you are looking for an Eastern European certified document translation service, please contact Anna Dobson for Polish-English and Camelia Popescu for Romanian to English.

Elaine Bolton will be happy to provide you with Spanish-English certified document translation services, while Simona Negroni is our Italian-English provider. For Portuguese document translations, please contact Rachel Campos.

If you need a certified Chinese to English translation for use within the UK, please contact Andrew Christie.

For other language combinations, please browse our translators’ directory.

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