About us

Iolante Ltd was founded in June 2014. The company’s directors are Erika Baker and Mecki Testroet. They are both qualified freelance translators with more than 40 years’ experience between them. Founding Iolante realised a long-term ambition with two sides to it. On the one hand, the website will provide other translators with the chance to find private clients. On the other hand, it will help customers seeking qualified translators by giving them the opportunity to have access to translation service providers without having to use an agency. Naturally, there is also the ambition to create additional income for the directors. However, this was not the main motivating factor on setting out on creating a new company.

Curious about our directors? To view Ms Baker’s and Ms Testroet’s profiles, please use the navigation system on the right.

How to contact us

Clients requiring a quote or advice on a translation project

Please visit our directory of independent translators and contact the relevant language specialist direct. Iolante is not a translation agency and does not “broker” jobs. Translators are free to accept or reject offers of work as they choose. If you can’t find the language combination you are looking for, translators usually work within a network of colleagues. So, do feel free to ask for a recommendation.

Experienced freelance translators with an interest in the franchise

If you have read our franchise pages and fulfil our requirements (please scroll down the page for the required details) you may wish to inquire into franchise opportunities. Please find contact details on the contact us page for this purpose.

Please note that translators who send unsolicited work enquiries will usually be ignored.

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