Indications of Iolante translators’ actual UK translation rates

For the reasons given on our translation rate pages, Iolante translators cannot quote fixed prices online.

What we can do, however, is list our price range for the most common languages, like English-Spanish, German-English and English to French in the UK. Please click on the links to visit the relevant translator’s page.

It is a fact that rarer language pairs always command higher prices. Please check translators’ profile pages for information on their price ranges, especially if they live in countries other than the UK.

General translation services, for commercial and private documents, UK

Minimum fee from £35 (negotiable for extremely small jobs)
Charges per 1000 words range from £75 – £115

Certified translations

Certificates cost £40 per A4 page, £30 for subsequent pages if placed in the same order.
Prices for longer certificates range from £50 – £120, depending on the number of pages.
In addition, legalisation by solicitor tends to be around £25.

Notarised translation costs

Notarisation costs are a combination of the translation cost plus an extra fee of around £125 to cover the notary’s charges and the time needed to visit his office.


To finish, we hope that this extensive explanation was helpful, detailing some of the major factors which influence the translation rates you are quoted. If you have any further queries or constructive suggestions regarding the subject of our translation rates, please contact Iolante. We will be pleased to help. For individual translators’ rates, please use the flags on the translators’ directory page to visit their profile pages.

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