A guide for a career in translation

So you really want to become a translator?Guy considering a career in translation

If you wish to become a freelance translator, these pages will guide you through essential points for succeeding in a career in translation. The career guide was devised by Mecki Testroet, a long-term freelance translator. First of all, it gives comprehensive guidance to students who are considering setting up in business. However, even established translators may improve their chances of getting work by adopting some of the sound business practices presented here.

You need to consider many factors before deciding on a career in translation. Therefore, our guide tries to cover as many of these as possible. Initially, the translators’ career guide discusses the issue “employed or self-employed, what difference does it make?”
Next, it analyses prerequisites for a career in translation, whether as an employed or an independent translator:

Finally, the career guide introduces you to essential skills for freelance translators:

Last but not least, we suggest you visit the national careers service’s pages for more information on what you need to do to become a freelance or staff translator.

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